How To Change VMWare ESXi Hypervisor’s IP Address and Host Name

# List hypervisor's network interfaces
esxcli network ip interface ipv4 get

# Sample output
[root@esx76:~] esxcli network ip interface ipv4 get
Name  IPv4 Address     IPv4 Netmask   IPv4 Broadcast   Address Type  Gateway        DHCP DNS
----  ---------------  -------------  ---------------  ------------  -------------  --------
vmk0     STATIC     false

# set new ip
esxcli network ip interface ipv4 set -i $interface -I $ipaddress -N $netmask -t static

# Error when a non-existence interface were specified
# Error changing IPv4 configuration for the interface vmk1. Error was : Unable to complete Sysinfo operation.  Please see the VMkernel log file for more details.: Sysinfo error: Not foundSee VMkernel log for details.
# Set ESXi host name via CLI
esxcli system hostname set --host=$hostname
esxcli system hostname set --fqdn=$fqdn

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