How to Block Distracting Sites Such as Youtube and Hulu on Your Home Network

  • – You send a voice command ‘block youtube’ to Alexa, an Amazon personal assistant device
  • – Alexa relays that command to
  • – IFTTT triggers a web call to your local Domain Name Server (DNS) server called ‘pihole’
  • – This web call must be configured at the router/firewall to pass traffic from IFTTT though the firewall to the your local pihole server
  • – Pihole receives the request and triggers
  • – contains the urls and ips of that will configure pihole to delete any name to ip translation related to
  • – A set of computers on your network shall be configured to use the local ‘pihole’ server as its DNS
  • – This can be setup at the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server
  • – DHCP is often a function of the firewall or smart wireless devices such as Ubiquiti Unifi Controllers and Access Points
  • – This DHCP tells all computers on the network what IP and DNS each should use
  • – When a user computer asks its DNS server (pihole) about, pihole will say ‘no where’
  • – is effectively blocked on local computers via your voice command
  • To be documented…

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