How to Become a DevOps Engineer in 2020

This note is scribbled up with about 5-minute of time. Thus, it may not have much verbiage nor pertinent details. Eh…

One would need these skills:

  1. Platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  2. Operating Systems: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat), Windows
  3. Container Orchestration: Docker Swarm, Kubernettes
  4. Automation: Terraform (infrastructure), Ansible, Chef, Puppet (configuration management)
  5. Build Automation: Gitlab, Github Actions, TeamCity, Jenkins
  6. Monitoring: Nagios, Prometheus
  7. Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, mondoDB
  8. Coding: Java, PHP, Tomcat, JavaScript, Node.js, Bash (Linux), Powershell (Windows), Python (OS independent), Yaml
  9. Web Engines: Nginx, Apache, Haproxy
  10. Soft skills: communication, judgement, focus, and teamwork

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