Forth Shift Administrative Procedures – Daily and Monthly

  1. Introduction:

There are batch scripts that are scheduled to run on a daily basis. In addition, there are month-end scripts to summarize each month’s overall produced data. It is pertinent that the following procedures be executed to produce Forth Shift’s reporting functions.

  1. Procedures:
    1. The Administrator must verify that the following three processes are running at all times:
      • FINMR (Forth Shift)
      • MAINMR (Forth Shift)
      • Forth Shift Lockset

  1. There are two scheduled tasks in the ____ server that call their associated services:
    1. Taskname: Begin_Daily
      • This task is set to run every weekday at ____ AM. It calls the batch file named ____. The duration of each execution normally lasts one to two hours. Therefore, it’s important that this routine be initiated prior to the start of each business day.
      • The Administrator is to disable the referenced task every the end of every month so that this process will not overlap the next scheduled task named “Monthly.” Moreover, “Begin_Daily” is to be re-enabled after the execution of the monthly task afore mentioned.
    2. Taskname: Monthly
      • At the end of every month, a process named ____ is called by this scheduled task. It summarizes the entire month’s activities
      • The Administrator is to edit this task on a monthly basis to ensure that the running date is set for the last day of a given monthly cycle.
    3. Forth Shift System Set Up
      • Access Forth Shift with the appropriate credentials
      • Execute this function for daily procedure
        • Type BSET into function field
        • Type DLY into the Process_ID field
        • Edit all the fields as highlighted in the documentation named “SysmBSET.rdl 7.5.01” under daily headings
  • Execute this function for month procedure
    1. Type BSET into function field
    2. Type MLY into the Process_ID field
    3. Edit all the fields as highlighted in the documentation named “SysmBSET.rdl 7.5.01” under monthly headings
  1. Forth Shift LockServer and Perform That Function Thingy
    1. Prior to initiating this procedure, the Administrator must verify that every user is logged out of the system. Following are the method to verify if there’s any pending connections to the server:
      1. Open “Computer Management” – “Shared Folders” – “Open Files”
      2. Scan through the resulting window to check for pending transactions
    2. Restart Forth Shift Services
      1. Forth Shift LockServer
  • Run the Administrative process
    1. Access Forth Shift with appropriate credentials
    2. Run BSET – OVR – then hit F8
    3. Done.

Ad-Hoc Database Routine Maintenance:

  1. Monthly Truncation of Database logs:
  2. Ensure that database and server backup has ran successfuly the previous night prior to proceeding with the below steps
  3. Remote into FSlast1 – Run Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio – Select FSDBmrPP database – Browse into Databases->FSDBPP->Right click FSDBPP – Select “New Query” to enter these lines:
backup log FSDBPP with truncate_only
dbcc shrinkfile ('FSDBMRLOG.dat', 1000)

ForthShift Installation Screenshots:

How to Update ForthShift User Reporting Format:

Log onto FSHIFT server as an Administrator – Run Forthshift Report Configurator – Select “Use Windows NT Integrated Security” – Check User Report Type

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