File Services

DFS Considerations:
1. NTFS permissions still apply. One must set additional folder security settings on the primary replication server.
2. When removing members of DFS replication group, that member server is marked with a 30-day tombstone flag. If files are deleted from that removed member server, and such serve is re-added within 30 days, the tombstone flag is removed. The deletion action takes precedence, propagating such file removal activity to other member servers, resulting in unintended file deletion!
3. Files with .BAK exentions will not replicate!
4. Always have a good backup of the primary DFS member server!
5. DFS requires that the “staging folder” to be approximately similar to the replicating folder’s size. Replication will stop without warning if this requirement is not fulfilled.
Group Policy Settings:
User Configuration\Preferences\Windows Settings\Drive Maps

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