Example of a HipChat Server Installation

FQDN: hipchat.kimconnect.com
Internal IP:
Public IP:
Firewall configurations:
inbound TCP 443
inbound TCP 80
inbound TCP 22
inbound TCP 5222-5223
outbound TCP 25
outbound TCP/UDP 53
outbound TCP/UDP 123
outbound TCP 443 to destinations: marketplace.atlassian.com, barb.hipch.at, hipchat-server-stable.s3.amazonaws.com, hipchat-dependencies-stable.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com, hipchat-dependencies-stable.s3.amazonaws.com
outbound TCP 80
Default administrator: admin / hipchat
hipchat network -t   //check current IP
hipchat network -m static -i -s -g -r   //set static IP
Locate your domain certificate, {domain_name.pem}, and private key files, kimconnect.key files
Open a browser and navigate to https://hipchat.kimconnect.com
Follow the wizard to complete the initialization

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