ESX & Enterasys LAG Configurations

Requirements for ESX and LACP compatibility of Enterasys core switches:
1. static LAG
2. vlan egress port tagged
3. Single port lag enabled
4. IP hash (trunking) mode in ESX vSwitch
5. vNIC for virtual machines must support VLAN traffic (E1000 nic not supported?)
6. Promiscuous mode for all vSwitch must be set to ON

Check current configuration:
# show config
set vlan egress 20 lag.0.1-3;ge.1.1-5,7-13,15-24,26-27,29;ge.2.1-30 untagged

Check lacp statuses:
# show lacp
Aggregator: lag.0.x
Attached ports

Check specific port lag:
# show port lacp port ge.2.x status detail

Configure static lag:
If Enterasys has a newer firmware...
# set lacp static lag.0.1 key 1 ge.2.5-8
If Enterasys has an older firmware...
Set dynamic lag:
# set port lacp port ge.2.5-8 aadminkey 111
# show lacp lag.0.1
OR set static lag:
# set lacp static lag.0.1 ge.2.5-8 111
# set lacp static enable

Example for newer firmware:
set single port lag enabled
set port alias lag.0.1 ESX01
set port alias lag.0.2 ESX02
set port alias lag.0.3 ESX03
set port alias lag.0.4 ESX01-vMotion
set port alias lag.0.5 ESX02-vMotion
set port alias lag.0.6 ESX03-vMotion
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.1 1
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.2 2
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.3 3
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.4 4
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.5 5
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.6 6
set lacp static lag.0.1 key 1 ge.1.1-2;ge.2.1-2
set lacp static lag.0.2 key 2 ge.1.3-4;ge.2.3-4
set lacp static lag.0.3 key 3 ge.1.5-6;ge.2.5-6
set lacp static lag.0.4 key 4 ge.1.7;ge.2.7
set lacp static lag.0.5 key 5 ge.1.8; ge.2.8
set lacp static lag.0.6 key 6 ge.1.9;ge.2.9
set port jumbo enable ge.1.1-9;ge.2.1-9

set vlan egress 20 lag.0.1;ge.1.1-2;ge.2.1-2 tagged <== tag ESX01 servers subnet lag
set vlan egress 20 lag.0.2;ge.1.3-4;ge.2.3-4 tagged <== tag ESX02 servers subnet lag
set vlan egress 20 lag.0.3;ge.1.5-6;ge.2.5-6 tagged <== tag ESX03 servers subnet lag
set vlan egress 20 lag.0.1-6;ge.1.1-9;ge.2.1-9 tagged <== tag all 6 lags (if everything is set)
set vlan egress 20 lag.0.4-6;ge.1.7-9;ge.2.7-9 tagged <== tag vMotion lags

Note: VMWare E1000 and "Flexible" adapters will not be able to interface with trunked ports; thus, all virtual machine instances must be using vNIC models E1000E or VMXNET3 before setting up tagged vlans on the core switch. The port group properties in the virtual switch must be set to tag the subnet to the appropriate VLAN ID (e.g. 20), promiscuous mode, and IP hash round robin algorithm

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