Enterasys Core Switch/Router Commands

Enable Untagged Vlans:
set port vlan ge.2.1-30 20
set vlan egress 20 ge.2.1-30 untagged

Enable jumbo frame support:
show port jumbo
set port jumbo enable ge.2.22-30

Enable LACP:
show lacp state <=== to discover global lacp setting status
set lacp {disable|enable}
set lacp asyspri 1000 <=== set LACP system priority to 1000
clear lacp aadminkey ge.2.3 <=== clear LACP admin key

Save running-config:
write terminal

show ip protocols <=== discover whether CDP, RIP, BGB or OSPF and other details (gateway, routes, distances)

core router
Enable lacp:
set lacp aadminkey lag.0.3 3
set port vlan lag.0.3 20
set lacp singleportlag enable
set port lacp port ge.2.7-10 aadminkey 3
set vlan egress 20 lag.0.3;ge.2.7-10 untagged
set port alias lag.0.3 ESX01

Make config persistent:
Standalone Enterasys devices are defaulted to save configurations automatically every (2) minutes.

Read: Enterasys Crash Course

Perform maintenance:
1. Save config
del slot1/myconfig
copy image1 slot1/07292015
copy slot2/07292015 tftp://
show config outfile slot2/07292015
2. Upgrade firmware (optional)
a. download: http://support.extremenetworks.com/
b. Store on TFTP server: \\backup01\G$\networking
c. Transfer to switch
copy 10.10.10..37/{filename} slot2/{filename}
set boot system {filename}

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