Domino Applications Migration

  • Our current production software is becoming outdated, whereby it lacks performance, intuitive user interface, integration with modern communication tools, reporting, analytics, and overall productivity enhancements that current generation software can provide. It would benefit our business to document our current business workflow, identify key areas of improvements, assess whether current production tools have been the limit factors, and decide whether a system overhaul is a better alternative. The database system, DB2, in conjunction Lotus Notes shall be converted to Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and Dynamics. This change will enable programmers to create a system that meet the demands of current business processes with agility. Also, cost of support for a more main-stream software will be lowered as the talent pool for Microsoft SQL, C#, programmers is vast. More importantly, software development must constantly satisfy the demands of the work flow and business logic to create business advantages as compared to the industry.
  • From a technical perspective, the Domino framework does not integrate well with Rapid Development object oriented programming languages such as C#, .NET, Javascript, which will be very necessary technologies of the ongoing demand of instant-access such as IOS and Android applications, website to database access, marketing campaigns, and various other business modernization tools.

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