Distributed File System DFS

Public Folder:
FILE01 (primary) =>  FILE01 => DC01
Accounting Folder:
Claims Folder:
Corporate Folder:
Legal Folder:
Marketing Folder:
Public Folder:
Sales Folder:
Systems Folder:
Underwriting Folder:
Users Folder:

1. Check for errors
  • Run Eventvwr.exe >> DFS Replication
  • Open DFS Management >> Create Diagnostic Report
2. Restart services
  • Run Services.msc >> restart Windows Management Instrumentation and DFS Replication services
3. Check Permissions
    • Run ADSIedit.msc >> verify the “Authenticated Users” is set with the default READ permission on the following object:
  • The computer object of the DFS server
  • The DFSR-LocalSettings object under the DFS server computer object
  • After the permissions is set correct, please run “DFSRDIAG POLLAD” to pick up the changes.
4. Check DFS blockage
  • Another possible reason is that FSRM is configured as some types of files are blocked from DFS replication. When the DFSR filters are not set to match FSRM screens by extension and the files exist on the server before screening, this can lead to degraded DFSR performance and the files will never replicate.
If possible, please remove file screening and reconfigure it to remove files by extension or set a comparable DFSR filter rule to prevent replication attempts.

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