Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates


It’s annoying if Windows keep updating automatically in the background and even reboot when idle.


Yes, If auto updates are disabled, one should take care to manually update Windows on a regular basis.


Run PowerShell (as Administrator):

function disableWindowsAutoUpdate{
    # set the Windows Update service to "disabled"
    stop-service wuauserv -force
    set-service wuauserv -startup disabled
    $currentAUSettings=(get-itemproperty 'REGISTRY::HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv').Start
    if($currentAUSettings -eq 4){
        write-host "Windows Automatic Updates have been disabled."

    $autoUpdateSettings = (New-Object -com 'Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate').Settings
    write-host "Option to 'never check for update (not recommended)' has been set"

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