Connecting to Dell EqualLogic PS series SAN using Cisco console cable (72-3383-01)

If a console cable isn’t available, one may create one using an existing Cisco cable (72-3383-01) by snipping and discarding the RJ45 end > re-crimp a new RJ45 using the following pin out / wire color diagram:

Once the cable has been created, connect the DB9 end to a computer.  Connect the RJ45 end into the SERIALPORT on the back of the SAN that looks like this:


Now open Putty on the computer the DB9 end is connected to and configure Putty with the following settings:
            Set the Connection Type: to Serial
            On the left under Category > Connection > Serial, configure the following settings:
                         Speed:  9600
                        Data bit:  8
                        Stop bits:  1
                        Parity:  None
                        Flow control:  XON/XOFF
When the console comes up hit the Enter key and you should then be prompted to login.

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