Configure VPN from AWS to CPE (Juniper Router)

1. Create VPN connection from AWS portal and download the configuration file
2. Import the configuration file onto CPE
- Edit the config file to ensure loopback ports are not coinciding with existing services
- Plug USB storage into router >> Log onto router Web UI >> Maintain >> Snapshot >> Take snapshot
- Connect via SSH >> cli >> "request system configuration rescue save" >> configure >> [paste the configuration file]

[edit security ipsec]
'vpn vpn-someid-1'
Referenced bind-interface is referred by multiple vpn objects. Enable multipoint under [edit interfaces st0.1]
[edit security zones security-zone LexisNexis]
'interfaces st0.1'
Interface st0.1 already assigned to another zone
error: configuration check-out failed

Solution to error:
- access web GUI >> IPSec VPN >> Dynamic VPN >> Global Settings >> Select Access Profile, choose something >> OK >> Actions >> Discard >> OK >> Retry commands after fixes

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