Configure Port Mirror on Enterasys

Note: Websense requires a mirrored connection to the port that has traffic to the gateway. It acts a middleman to interrupt transmissions that ought to be filtered.

set policy profile 99 name webpolicy
set policy rule 99 tcpdestportIP 23 mirror-destination 2
set policy port ge.2.30 99
set policy port ge.2.30 99
show policy rule usage-list
set mirror create 2
set mirror 2 mirrorN 1
show mirror

set port mirroring create fe.7.45 ge.2.30 [tx|both]
show port mirroring
set port mirroring enable igmp-mcast enable fe.7.45 ge.2.30 both

How to clear port mirroring:
clear port mirroring source destination

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