Bosch Security Camera System

How to access the IP camera software (Tonto)
Using Internet Explorer, go to this address:  http://IPCAMCONTROL01/
The usernames (ALL CAPS) and passwords:
                ADMINISTRATOR             ADMIN
                ADMIN                                 PASSWORD
How to configure the Bosch DVR Viewer app on an iPhone
Download and install the Bosch DVR Viewer app from the App Store
Click on the + sign to install a device.  The following is the information needed to connect to the Irvine DVR system while in the office and on the wm-wifi wireless network (on network):
                Model                   DVR 600 Series
                Host/IP                 IPCAMCONTROL01
                Port                       80
                User                       ADMIN
                Password          PASSWORD
To reset the ADMINISTRATOR password
In order to reset the Administrator password you must call Bosch and give them the MAC address of your device.
Bosch technical support can be reached at (585) 223-4060, option 4, then 2, then 1
Tonto Bosch MAC address:
IP Address:  192.168.800.300 / /
Model:  dvr-630-16a
Serial:  404556520222070251
Software v1.3.2

How to upgrade firmware on Bosch security camera system (HQ)

First you need to obtain the firmware upgrade and the link can be sent to you via email.  Call Bosch support at (585) 223-4060, option 4, then 2, then 1 and ask them to send over the firmware for a DVR 630 series.

Once you download the zip file, extract the contents to a USB.  The firmware file is in .BIN format and this .BIN file needs to be on the root of the USB drive (not in a folder).

The next step is to plug the USB drive into the Bosch unit.  It is located in the upstairs closet next to the men’s bathroom.

Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and click.  A menu should appear.  If you have difficulties you may also use the directional arrows on the front of the device to navigate:               

Navigate to System > Configuration and Export the configuration.  It will place this config on the USB drive.

Once the config has been exported, now you can navigate to System > Configuration > Update Firmware

It will automatically update and reboot.

Be sure to enable ICMP (ping) after you reboot.  From the TCP/IP menu, check off ICMP.

After it comes back online you will need to go to the security desks to make sure their systems are back online.

How to view the HQ cameras on your iPhone

By using a combination of apps we’re able to put an iPhone on the network and view the cameras of the Irvine building.

First you must download and install 2 apps from the App Store:

  • Bosch DVR
  • Junos Pulse

The Junos app will put the phone on the network via VPN and the Bosch app will connect to the camera system.

To configure the Bosch DVR app:


Please note that the User field must be in all CAPS and the password is in the Password Safe.

To configure the Junos Pulse app:


                The URL is:

                The Username is the user’s Windows credentials


Once the apps are configured we can now view the cameras on the iPhone by doing the following:

Open the Junos Pulse app and select the configuration you made above then click Connect

You will be brought to a webpage.  Enter your network password and login.  The Connect button will now say Disconnect.

The iPhone will let you know that you’re now connected by displaying this on the top of the display:



Minimize the Junos app and open the Bosch DVR app.  Click on the configuration that you made above and you should now be viewing the 1st camera.  Click on the CH button in order to scroll between the 9 difference cameras.


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