AWS Highlights

1. Multi-regions: compliance with Section 404 of COBIT requirements
2. Amazon S3 with redundancy, versioning, multi-factor authentication, bucket policies, Identity Access Management (IAM)
3. Amazon Glacier for archiving ($0.01/GB per month)
4. Amazon Elastic Blockstore (Amazon EBS): snapshots
5. AWS Import/Export: bypass Internet and only use Amazon’s local network to save bandwidth costs
6. AWS Storage Gateway: connection to on-premise backup solutions (cached volumes, stored volumes, and virtual tape library) that can operate as iSCCI interfaces
7. Amazon Route 53: scalable DNS
8. Elastic Load Balancing: automatically route incoming streams of application traffic
9. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: VPN between local and Amazon
10. Amazon Direct Connect:
1. There’s Amazon RDS, DynamoDB (noSQL), and RedShift2

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