Applying Quarterly Updates to MapMarker and TomTom Points

Begin by downloading the MapMarker update and TomTom point update from Pitney Bowes. Once the updates have been downloaded, move the .ZIP files to D:\Temp on MAPSERVER01 (the server the software runs on). Navigate to D:\Temp and create a folder called Map Marker and another folder called Tom Tom points. Now move the .ZIP files into their respective folder and extract the contents of each .ZIP folder into that location.
Before even getting started, make sure that the C: drive has, at least, 5 GB of free space (this is because the installer extracts and needs this space. This space will be free after install has completed.) If there is not 5 GB of space available, DO NOT CONTINUE.
Perform some clean ups: Navigate to “D:\Program Files\MapInfo\MapMarker_USA_v27\MapMarker_USA_v27_Data” > copy mmusad.lic onto the desktop > uninstall MapMarker 27 via Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (leave MapMarker 14) > Go into Folder Options and show hidden files > Navigate to C:\Program Files and delete the Zero G Registry folder > Open Regedit and navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall > delete the Map Marker USA v27 folder (it’s OK if it’s not there)
Begin the install: Navigate to D:\Temp\Map Marker and run Setup.exe > 
Change the install location to point to D:\Program Files\MapInfo\MapMarker_USA_v27\MapMarker_USA_v27_Data (it will default to C:) > when asked about Java, take the option to use Java that comes with the application, not the option for Java that’s installed on the computer.
Once the install completes, we can now go ahead and install the Tom Tom points: navigate to D:\temp\Tom Tom points\installer\windows > run install.exe
Once that install completes, go ahead and open Map Marker > click on Options > System Preferences > Dictionary and make sure the check mark is next to Use MapMarker Address Dictionary > click the Browse button and navigate to D:\Program Files\MapInfo\MapMarker_USA_v27\MapMarker_USA_v27_Data\USA_TPT_2014_10 > add this location to the right side off the pop up
Next, highlight this location you just added and click the Up button so that it’s located on top > update the icon on the user’s desktop for the new MapMarker software.

How to update Spectrum:
User receives emails about Spectrum updates. There are many updates which are frequently released so we really need to sift through the updates to find out which ones we really need. Often, User sends us an email letting us know that Spectrum update {version so and so} is available.
Log into the Pitney Bowes website located at
Click on My Products > Click on Spectrum Spatial > click on View Available Downloads > once the page comes up, click on Updates
Upon reading the Notes: part of the update, I can see that update S52 “fixes several issues for LIM…” which is a product we use so we will need this update.
To know how to install any update you must read the Release Notes that are posted along with the update.
Download this update and place it in the C:\Temp\Spectrum Updates folder on the map server.

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