ADFS: Adding a Relying Party Trust

The following instructions assume the task of creating a authentication endpoint to allow external users to authenticate toward Active directory. ADFS can also be utilized as an Saml endpoint, and that is out of scope of this simple walk-through.

Run AD FS Management Console > right-click Relying Party Trust > Add Relying Party Trust > left the default ‘claims aware’ option as-is > Start

Toggle the option to ‘enter data about the relying party manually’ > Next

input a display name > Next > Next > input the URL to the relying party trust > Next > Next > Next > Close

Right-click the newly created IFD > Edit Claim Issurance Policy > Next

Input rule name and LDAP attributes > Select ‘Active Directory’ as Attribute store > set Given-Name as Name, User-Principle-Name as UPN > click Finish


Alternative path: Importing the federation metadata published online or local network…

Input a display name such as > Next > Left default option to ‘permit everyone’ as-is > Next > Next > leave the check-mark next to ‘Configure claims issuance policy for this application’ toggled > Close


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