Installing Team Foundation Server

1. Installation
a. All in one
b. Separate TFS and database (advanced)

2. Setup reporting
a. Warehouse database
b. Analysis servicesc. Reports

3. Configure Extension for Sharepoint
TFS Administration Console > {servername} > Application Tier > Extensions for Sharepoint Products > Grant Access > URL for TFS = http://{servername}:8080/tfs , Sharepoint web application = http://{sharepointservername}/ > OK

4. Configure TFS Build Service
Run tfs_server.exe > Configuration Center opens > select Configure Team Foundation Build Service > Start Wizard > Next > Select Team Project Collection = browse toward the correct Team Project Collection > Next > Build Services opens, User the default setting > Next > Run Team Foundation Service as User a user account = {Domain_Name}\{Service_Account} > Next > Next > Configure

5. Create Team Project Collection
TFS Administration Console > Team Project Collections > DefaultCollection would appear > Click Create Collection > give new collection a name do describe its purpose > fill in Description > Next > Enter the data tier where Team Project Collection will reside > Create a new database for this collection > Next > click Next to accept the predefined Reports configuration > Next > Verify > Complete > Close

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