10 Steps of Computer Security

  1. – Raise Social Engineering awareness
  2. – Enforce a password complexity enforcement and early-launch anti-malware detection for system access
  3. – Install physical security devices to restrict manual access to desktops, servers, network devices
  4. – Set firewall to block all ports at the edge perimeter, except ports 80/443
  5. – Enable IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) & DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) do packet analysis
  6. – Sanitize web application inputs with a web application firewall
  7. – Sanitize database input with a specialized database firewall
  8. – Implement a centralized log management system with alerts
  9. – Apply an effective disaster recovery strategy
  10. – Harden Windows, Linux, MacOS with a standardized benchmark (e.g. Org SOP, CIS/DISA STIGS etc)

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