1. How To Move WordPress Site To Kubernetes Cluster
  2. HP Procurve Configure Time and Default Gateway
  3. Linux: How to Create a User and Add to Group in a Single Line?
  4. VMWare CVE-2018-3646 Mitigation
  5. PowerShell: Reset Password for All Users inside an OU
  6. Basic CSS: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements
  7. Filezilla SFTP Connection ‘FATAL ERROR: Network error: Software caused connection abort’
  8. Arrays and Objects
  9. PowerShell: SMB Shares Migration
  10. Active Directory Audit Using AD Tidy
  11. Use CSS Override to Modify WordPress 2016 Theme
  12. Bash Shell: Old School Migration of ESXi Guest Virtual Machines
  13. Bandwidth Calculator
  14. Strategies to Free Up Disk Space C:\ Drive
  15. PowerShell: Get Users and Computers Inside an OU
  16. PowerShell: Remove a Scheduled Task By Name
  17. How to Call Functions or Pass Function as Argument
  18. Docker: Update Startup Policy for Running Containers
  19. Remote Desktop: Broken Domain Trust Relationship Between Workstation an Primary Domain Controller
  20. PowerShell: Update Cryptocurrency Prices in WordPress WooCommerce
  21. PowerShell: DHCP Server Migration
  22. PowerShell: Backup, Archive, and Remove a Microsoft SQL Database
  23. How To Copy Folder in Legacy Windows with Long File Names?
  24. Resolving Active Directory Replication Issues
  25. WordPress NextGen Gallery Plugin Error
  26. Use PowerShell to Grant SysAdmin Role to Certain Users
  27. PowerShell: Function to Execute Function Remotely
  28. Quick 1-liner: Elevated command to access control panel items
  29. Reset Windows Update Tool
  30. Outlook Error: An Encrypted Connection Not Available
  31. WordPress Code Snippet Crashed My Site
  32. PowerShell: Use Selenium Drivers to Automate Logins
  33. PowerShell: Find a Downloadable File from a Web Page
  34. PowerShell: Check Active Directory Username Collisions
  35. Microsoft Dynamics – Selecting an Org
  36. Installing Hyper terminal in Windows XP
  37. Lubuntu 20.04 – Enable SSH
  38. Configure Port Mirror on Enterasys
  39. MAC: Setting Google DNS to Bypass ISP Slower Name Resolution
  40. A Case for Graylog 4
  41. Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in Red Hat
  42. PowerShell: Windows 2016 Pristine Image
  43. PowerShell: Optimize RAM on Remote Computers
  44. How to Rename a Domain Controller
  45. Dial Plans Decoded
  46. Fix DFS Replication Problems
  47. PowerShell: Check TCP Connections of Server by Port Numbers
  48. Networking: Upgrading Legacy Ubiquiti Devices
  49. Fix Missing User Special Folders
  50. Windows 2016: NIC Teaming
  51. PowerShell: 1-Liner to Change Computer Name and Join Active Directory
  52. PowerShell: Combine Objects
  53. PowerShell: Change Windows Autolock
  54. BASH: Basic SED Training
  55. PowerShell: Installing or Including an Application On a Computer or Scripting Session
  56. Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Shortcuts
  57. HPE Smart Update Manager 8.4.0
  58. How to Install Asterisk on Ubuntu
  59. PowerShell: Set User Option Change Password At Next Logon
  60. How to Use QRadar to Search for a Windows Account Activities
  61. Where to Put JavaScript Codes?
  62. Random Notes about WSUS
  63. Windows Emulator inside Ubuntu 9.10
  64. Question: Is VirtualBox Recommended for Production?
  65. How to Enable GPUPDATE When Connected via OpenVPN Client
  66. Linux Mint 20.04 Workstation Setup
  67. Hyper-V UEFI Error: The Image’s Hash and Certificate are Not Allowed (DB)
  68. How To Create a 64-bit Linux Bootable USB Thumb Drive with 32-bit UEFI Compatibility
  69. Toner Cartridge CF283A vs CF283X
  70. SonicWall Setup Notes
  71. Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication Issues
  72. Should I Choose the Motherboard (Fake) Hardware Raid Or Software RAID?
  73. How to Use ImageMagic to Resize Images
  74. Basic CSS: Set the Font Family of an Element
  75. Centos 5.3 Server preparation for web hosting
  76. PowerShell: Update Local Windows Machine
  77. PowerShell: Invoke-Command to Add A Host Record on DNS Server
  78. PowerShell: Windows Systems Inventory
  79. Step by Step Kubernetes Application Hosting: Persistent Storage, Pod Creation, Deployment Plan, Service Clustering, and Ingress Routing
  80. Check Servers NSLookup of a Listener to Match Active Node IP
  81. Installing VMWare Tools on Linux Guest Virtual Machines
  82. Installing FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP
  83. Server Cleanup
  84. PowerShell: 1-Liner to Restore All Windows 10 Default Apps
  85. Cisco Agent Desktop Common Issues
  86. Servers Reboot Script
  87. PowerShell: Disable Windows Hello
  88. PowerShell: Get Try Catch Exception Type of a Function
  89. Listing SMB Shares on a Windows Machine
  90. How To Install Rancher Onto a Kubernetes Cluster
  91. Upgrade from Windows 2008 R2 to 2012 R2
  92. Basic HTML and HTML5: Create a Form Element
  93. PowerShell: Obtain Computer Account Parent Container from Invoke-Command
  94. PowerShell: Administering Network Time Protocol Settings on Windows
  95. Some Useful Windows Networking Commands
  96. VSS Error: Snapshots were found, but they were outside of your allowed context
  97. Home OpenVPN Stuff
  98. SQL: Use PowerShell to Generate a Database Object From Another Object
  99. Basic HTML and HTML5: Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements
  100. How to Fix Duplicate Computer Account Names Issue in Active Directory
  101. Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn Unabridged Notes
  102. How to Remove Question Mark ‘Info’ Button in SyntaxHighlighter
  103. PowerShell: Deleting a Single File Safely
  104. Ubuntu 19.04: How to Install Adobe Acrobat Reader
  105. PowerShell: Audit Domain Controller Certificates
  106. PowerShell: Check File Encoding UTF7, UTF8, UTF16, UTF32, ASCII
  107. Linux: More Basic Commands
  108. Basic HTML and HTML5: Create an Ordered List
  109. Quick Setup Notes: Install WordPress Using Docker
  110. MS Exchange 2010: Mailbox Repair
  111. Network Time Protocol for CentOS 8
  112. PowerShell: Inter-Domain SMB Shares Mounting
  113. A Quick Note On How To Preserve Client Source IP’s on K8s Services
  114. How to Install Ubiquiti Unifi Controller on Ubuntu 20.04
  115. Small Call Center BPX Capacity Planning
  116. Maximum Ram for Windows 32 bit
  117. SQL replace character in string
  118. Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456
  119. PowerShell: Add Accounts into Local Administrators Group
  120. How to Calculate Logging Storage
  121. PowerShell: Use EMCOPY to Mirror a Directory
  122. PowerShell: Setup Windows Scheduled Tasks
  123. PowerShell: List Biggest Files and Folders on a Volume
  124. Useful Linux Commands
  125. Using Process Explorer
  126. PowerShell: Practical Usage of Robocopy
  127. PowerShell: Function to Get Group Members as a Bypass Orphanated SID Errors
  128. Network Zones
  129. PowerShell: Mount A Remote SMB/CIFS/NFS Share as a Specific User
  130. How To Create a Virtual Machine Administrator Role in SCVMM
  131. LAMPP Passwords Change
  132. How to Move Virtualbox Guest VMs to Different Hosts
  133. PowerShell: Use WinSCP to Test a SFTP Connection
  134. Google G Suite Administrators (GAM) Useful Commands
  135. Reset CBT in VMware
  136. Re-register PolicyAgent ipsecsvc.dll
  137. PowerShell: Comparing 2 Directories
  138. Use Group Policy to remotely install software in a Microsoft Active Directory Windows Environment
  139. PowerShell: Convert CSV Into HashTable
  140. How to Flash Bios Using CentOS live USB
  141. Function to Import PortQry (a Systernal Utility)
  142. Front End Web Development Menu 2019
  143. Kubernetes: Use Helm to Deploy WordPress
  144. PowerShell: Windows Session Memory Usage Watcher
  145. PowerShell: WinHTTP Proxy
  146. PowerShell: Encapsulating Function Inside a Function and Inside an Invoke-Command or Job
  147. Basic JavaScript: Manipulate Arrays With shift()
  148. How to Use XrmToolBox for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  149. PowerShell: Invoke Backup SQL Database
  150. PowerShell: Add Windows TrustedHosts Remotely
  151. PowerShell: connectWinRM Function to Create New-PSSession
  152. Update Host Files on Multiple Servers
  153. PowerShell: Fix Clustered Disk Errors
  154. How To Install Graylog in a Kubernetes Cluster Using Helm Charts
  155. IP Address Summarization
  156. How to Remove Windows Junk via GPO – Chat, Weather, Hello, Shopping
  157. PowerShell: Remove Nic Teaming
  158. PowerShell: Coverting Hex or Bytes Array to ASCII
  159. Members of ‘Remote Desktop Users’ Not Included in the ‘Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services’ List
  160. Creating a RAM Disk on a Linux Instance of AWS
  161. Fix Ubuntu / Lubuntu ‘Hypernation Button Does Nothing’ Problem
  162. GPO to Set NTP on Domain Joined Computers and Servers
  163. PowerShell: Check Servers on Domain to Locate A Domain Account Being Set to Run Services and Scheduled Tasks
  164. Wireless Optimal Setup
  165. CSS
  166. How to migrate DNS Server
  167. Microsoft Excel Error: The Request Was Aborted Could Not Create SSL/TLS Secure Channel
  168. PowerShell: Create A Shortcut on Everyone’s Desktop
  169. Active Directory GPO Practical Examples
  170. How to Install Visual Studio Code on Linux Mint 20.04
  171. PowerShell: Change IP of Remote Windows
  172. Ideas for Open Source SAN using local storage
  173. Fedex Ship Manager Installation Notes
  174. Sample Small Business Network
  175. Manually Create a SSL Certificate with LetsEncrypt
  176. MySQL Docker Container
  177. PowerShell: Working With Arrays
  178. How to Install NFS Server on Ubuntu 21.04
  179. Desktop Virtualization Consideration
  180. Linux: Copy File Contents Into Clipboard
  181. JavaScript: Pomodoro Clock
  182. Logical Volume Management: A Practical Illustration
  183. PowerShell: Measure File Copying Time
  184. Windows: How to Disable F1 Help Center Function in Windows Explorer
  185. CSS: Basic Targeting of Tag, Class, and Type
  186. Symantec Antivirus
  187. How To Use Putty with an AWS Private Key
  188. Kubernetes Container Deployment with NFS Persistent Volumes
  189. VMWare and AWS Domain Controller Best Practices
  190. IpConfig Shows Static IP Address Status as Duplicate
  191. PowerShell: Disable Annoying Windows Updates Notifications
  192. How to generate a list of currently active users on the domain along with their PC names
  193. Application Blocked By Java Security
  194. Issue: Unable to Access Corp Intranet While Connected to Satellite Office Network VS Can Access When Connected to Corp VPN
  195. Increase Windows Management Instrumentation Service Handle Quota Limit
  196. PowerShell: Add Quorum to Clusters
  197. Servers Virtualization Project Artifacts
  198. PowerShell: Deploy Certs on Remote Windows Servers
  199. Linux: Useful GUI Tools
  200. Explain Try and Catch Block
  201. Administering CentOS 8 with Cockpit
  202. Dump Folder Archival Script
  203. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Error with Send-As
  204. PowerShell: Restore SQL Database from Full and/or Differential Backups
  205. Basic CSS: Size Your Images
  206. Linux: Bash Shell Script To Move/Archive Old Files
  207. PowerShell: Install and Uninstall App on Remote Machines
  208. WSUS Automatic Update Approval Settings
  209. PowerShell: Simulate File Open Locking
  210. Installing IonCube
  211. MS SQL Maintenance
  212. PowerShell: Obtaining SQL Database Default Paths
  213. How To Increase WordPress Memory Limit
  214. PowerShell: Expand Disk Volume to Maximum Size
  215. Enterasys Core Switch/Router Commands
  216. Script to Purge Stuck Print Jobs
  217. PowerShell: Quick 1-Liner to Check Status of URL
  218. PowerShell: Update CSV File Using Active Directory
  219. Linux: How to set a static IP address
  220. PowerShell: Script to Send Emails
  221. ASCII Characters
  222. Deploy MSI Using Group Policy
  223. Install Microsoft FTP on Windows 2008 R2
  224. PowerShell: Convert String to Command
  225. HP Procurve Cheat Sheet
  226. How To Turn On Windows SMB File Share Access Auditing
  227. Dev Environment Technitium DNS Server
  228. PowerShell: Update a List of Multiple Windows Machines
  229. Windows Desktop Preparation using FOG
  230. PowerShell: Validate SQL Server Credentials
  231. How to Disable SELINUX on CentOS 8
  232. Bash: How To Join Array With Comma Delimiter
  233. Sync AD OU Containers with Group Memberships
  234. File Searching in Linux
  235. PowerShell: Compressing Files and Folders
  236. PowerShell: Resolving URL to Public IP
  237. How to configure CentOS 5.2 to use RPMForge and YUM
  238. How to Expand a Windows NTFS Volume as a LUN of HPe Nimble Storage
  239. PowerShell: Detect Windows Version
  240. How to Copy and Paste in VIM / VI
  241. Analyze BSOD Dump File
  242. Project Servers Virtualization
  243. PowerShell: Export Exchange Mailboxes
  244. Basic HTML and HTML5: Uncomment HTML
  245. Hard drive Copying
  246. Consideration to Convert Cisco VoIP to Asterisk
  247. PowerShell: Increase Default Windows 260-Character Paths Limit
  248. PowerShell: Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Integration
  249. Linux: Manual File System Partitioning
  250. Some Useful VMWare ESX CLI commands
  251. Azure: TrafficManager
  252. Linux: How to Use Tar and Gunzip
  253. Recommended Skill Set of a Programmer
  254. Skillset Required as a 2021 Systems Administrator
  255. mysqldump & gunzip
  256. PowerShell Commands to Discover the Server Network, Netmask, DHCP status, and Gateway
  257. Windows 2012: How To Install DotNet Framework 2.0 & 3.0
  258. PowerShell: Get Windows Resource Utilization
  259. How To Stop, Start, Restart a Windows Service Being Stuck in ‘Stopping’ Status
  260. PowerShell: 1-liner to obtain SSID and Password of Wireless Profiles on a Windows Machine
  261. Latin1_General_CI_AI vs SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  262. Excel MD5 Hash Function
  263. PowerShell: Test LDAPS Connection
  264. PowerShell: Auto Login to WordPress and Update Gold Prices WooCommerce Plugin
  265. Linux Mint 20: How to Disable the Annoying Keyring Prompts for Passwords
  266. Install and Remove Choco Applications As Well As Application Wizard Programs
  267. PowerShell: Get Active Directory Domain Controller Replication Status
  268. OpenLDAP Migration
  269. System Center Virtual Machine Manager Errors and Resolutions
  270. PowerShell: Set DNS Server IPs on Default Network Interface
  271. PowerShell: How to Call a Batch File to Run-As Administrator
  272. CSS: Units of Measurement
  273. PowerShell: How To Make A System App Do Nothing
  274. Windows XP – Joining Domain
  275. FreeNAS
  276. Basic HTML and HTML5: Create a Set of Checkboxes
  277. Adding a Domain Security Group into the Hyper-V Administrator Users Group
  278. NaN
  279. Information System Project Proposal
  280. HAProxy Example for SSH & OpenVNP forwarding
  281. How to migrate DHCP Server
  282. Disk Partitioning & Formatting Reference
  283. Error: 502 Gateway Error
  284. Installing VNC on Centos 5.3
  285. Group Policy: WinHTTP Settings
  286. PowerShell: Process Watcher
  287. Measuring Bandwidth between Sites
  288. Linux: ‘Initramfs Unpacking Failed’ Error Upon Booting
  289. CentOS System Setup
  290. ARP MAC to IP Resolution
  291. Linux SMB Mount via Command Line Bash Shell
  292. How to Block Distracting Sites Such as Youtube and Hulu on Your Home Network
  293. PowerShell: Hobocopy Backup Software
  294. Set File Permissions Recursively – Running on File Server
  295. Chronos Time Clock Administration
  296. PowerShell: Generate a CSV Report of O365 Exchange Online Mailboxes
  297. WinRM Issues Caused by Service Principal Name (SPN) HTTP Protocol & Port Associations
  298. PowerShell: Probe Remote Machine for Its OS Type
  299. Fixing ‘RPC Server Not Available’
  300. G729 Codec
  301. PowerShell: Find Azure AD Connect Servers within On Premise AD
  302. How to Restore Deleted Active Directory objects
  303. NIC Teaming in Windows 2012 R2
  304. PowerShell: Check Windows Scheduled Tasks To Correlate Object Creation Time of a Zip File
  305. How to Setup Dynamic DNS with Google Domains & Ubiquity EdgeRouter
  306. How to Disable WordPress Auto Wrap Function ‘wpautp’
  307. PowerShell: Script to Obtain List of Sites and Associated Domain Controllers
  308. IIS Error Code 0x80070021
  309. Limitations: VM Import to AWS
  310. JavaScript: Use the TwitchTV JSON API
  311. PowerShell: Adding Active Directory Module
  312. SAN Storage: Using 3PAR StoreServ to Provision LUNs for vSphere ESXi or Windows Server
  313. Quick & Useful Snippet to Set SSL TLS Protocol of PowerShell
  314. Bash Shell Quick If Then and Case Switch Statements
  315. PowerShell: Get Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Service) Licenses Report
  316. Ubuntu: Disable Annoying Update Notifier
  317. PowerShell: Windows Servers Systems Inventory
  318. Basic HTML and HTML5: Create a Bulleted Unordered List
  319. PowerShell: Accessing the Reflection Assembly Class to Retrieve User Context
  320. Lightbox Javascript Contents
  321. Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 3d on CPU 4
  322. Router Console Methods
  323. PowerShell: Setting Windows Pagefile
  324. Linux: Init Process in the Background and Detach
  325. Linux: How to Create Windows Bootable USB Drive Via CLI
  326. Querying Internal DNS for Host Record for iDRAC IPs
  327. How to move the Active Directory (AD) Global Catalog (GC) to another domain controller (DC)
  328. PowerShell: How To Set IP and Domain Restrictions to Specific IIS Sites
  329. Sample Multi-Site Metadata
  330. PowerShell: Hyper-V Servers Capacity Report
  331. One-Liner: Capture Report of Logons in AD
  332. How to Use Google SMTP Relay with Sendmail
  333. Robocopy
  334. Basic JavaScript: Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables
  335. PowerShell: Gather All Guess VM of All Hyper-V Clusters in the Domain
  336. Linux: Create a Shell Script to Watch Services
  337. Basic JavaScript: Understanding Uninitialized Variables
  338. How to List All DNS Servers in a Domain
  339. Some Common SysAdmin Tools
  340. PowerShell: Windows 10 Cleanup
  341. PowerShell: Search for Hyper-V Guest VM That Has Not Been Registered In Cluster
  342. Ubuntu 20.04: Setting Static IP Address on an Interface
  343. Storage & Transfer Speed Unit of Measurement
  344. Some Common Gitlab Commands
  345. Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  346. Windows: Create a Quick Hot Spot From A Wired Computer with Spare Wireless Adapter
  347. CentOS 5: Installing XAMPP, and Gallery2
  348. PowerShell: Microsoft SQL Administration
  349. Basic HTML and HTML5: Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements
  350. Basic CSS: Use Abbreviated Hex Code
  351. PowerShell: List Currently Logon Users On Remote Servers
  352. PowerShell: Allow Log On To Remote Desktop Service
  353. Windows 2012 Advantages
  354. How to Add a New Disk as LVM Volume to a Linux Machine without Rebooting
  355. JavaScript: Show the Local Weather
  356. Basic JavaScript: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings
  357. Enable Remote Assistance (Windows XP/2003)
  358. SQL AlwayOn High Availability Default Port
  359. Run mmc with elevated domain administrator permissions
  360. PowerShell: Quick EMCopy
  361. Problem: NextCloud Would Not Start Due to Versioning Variance
  362. Install Remote Desktop on Lubuntu & Wireshark
  363. Windows File System Symlink Settings
  364. Ubuntu 20.04 Initial Setup
  365. Unix / Linux File Permissions Cheat Sheet
  366. PowerShell: Disable Windows Defender
  367. SMB 1 vs SMB2 Compatibility Issues
  368. PowerShell: List All IPs Used by Cluster
  369. SENDMAIL Configurations
  370. How to install RetroArch on CentOS 8
  371. Some Useful Windows Commands
  372. PowerShell: Obtain Domain Admin Credential
  373. Terminal Service Auditing – Generate Report of RDP Sessions with Certain Login Dates
  374. Basic CSS: Add Rounded Corners with border-radius
  375. Hyper-V: De-register Storage File Share and/or Removing Paths from VMM
  376. How to Install Virtualbox in Ubuntu
  377. Converting from IOPS to MB/s
  378. PowerShell: Regex Examples
  379. Resolving LDAPS Connection Errors
  380. Linux: How to Add a Line into Crontab from Command Line
  381. PowerShell: Enabling and Disabling Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  382. PowerShell: Stop Any Service on Windows!
  383. PortQuery GUI Version
  384. PFSense
  385. An Indication That Microsoft Office 365 Email Connector Doesn’t Like Large IP Blocks
  386. Linux: How to Manually Create a USB Bootable Drive for ESXi
  387. Resolve Windows 2003 Logon Screen Blackout Problems
  388. User Account Creation Script
  389. A Broken PS-Session Issue
  390. PowerShell: Convert Local Path to UNC Path
  391. PowerShell: Connect to Azure CLI
  392. PowerShell: Alternative to Test-NetConnection for Legacy Windows
  393. Increase the Disk Timeout On Windows Servers
  394. Python Language Condensed
  395. How to Enable XRDP Session Sharing
  396. How to expand volume of a linux virtual machine residing in a ESXi host
  397. An Experience in Upgrading Synology SSD Cache Drives
  398. PowerShell: Hyper-V Guest-VM C-Volume Expansion
  399. Ubuntu Repos (Old Info)
  400. VMWare Networking Stuff
  401. PowerShell: Comparing Software Versions
  402. How to Fix a Broken Ubuntu Upgrade
  403. PowerShell: Get Size On Disk and Discover Largest Files in a Given Directory
  404. Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn High Availability Cluster Management Tool
  405. Troubleshoot Mail Relay
  406. Adding Repositories in Centos 5.3
  407. Outlook: How to Reset & Rebuild Profile
  408. Windows computer naming Convention
  409. Hyper-V: How to Convert IDE to SCSI on a Guest VM
  410. Disable and Enable Sleep Mode on a Linux Workstation
  411. Linux: Performing Speed Test via Command Line Interface (CLI)
  412. CentOS: Java & Tomcat Installation
  413. Linux User and Group General Operations
  414. PowerShell: How To Bypass Double Hop Problems
  415. How to discover WSUS Server from Your Local Machine
  416. Install FOG, an Open Source Machine Backup and Cloning Solution
  417. MS SQL: Using Profiler to Trace Failed Logins
  418. Kubernetes: Cert-Manager x509 ECDSA verification failure
  419. PowerShell: Script to Apply Windows Update on 2016 Server
  420. Renew or Replace a SSL Certificate in Dynamics CRM
  421. In Search of an Appointment Calendaring System
  422. PowerShell: Check RPC Services on Remote Windows Machines
  423. PowerShell: Obtain Domain Admin Credential and Save It as an XML for Subsequent Execution
  424. SSL Certificates with LetsEncrypt
  425. Install Apache2 with PHP and Ruby on CentOS 5.2
  426. Create New Custom Attribute to User Class
  427. Quick Script to Mount Remote UNC Paths as Local Drive Letters
  428. Distributed File System DFS
  429. How to Fix Corrupted Windows System Files
  430. DD for Ubuntu & Windows
  431. Harden Windows Server 2016
  432. Function to list Domain Controllers
  433. Domino Server Restore Procedure
  434. PowerShell: Get Hyper-V Host Name from Inside Guest VM
  435. PowerShell: Backup Microsoft Dynamics CRM Database
  436. Script to use WinRAR for backups
  437. Print Server Setup
  438. Docker: Staging Intermediary Containers
  439. Some Useful Windows Commands to Troubleshoot Networking on Windoze
  440. Transfer DHCP Scopes Between Windows Servers
  441. Websense Notes
  442. Basic CSS: Adjust the Padding of an Element
  443. PowerShell: File Copying Operation
  444. Indications that Chocolatey is locked down
  445. Use psexec to install application remotely
  446. Repair Windows Server 2016 Error 0x800f081f
  447. PowerShell: Disable Virtual Machine Queuing on Hyper-V Hosts
  448. Active Directory: How to Copy Account
  449. PowerShell: Disable Forticlient Web Filtering
  450. Update Windows with Restricted Internet Access
  451. PowerShell: Install Visual Studio 2019 Community Version
  452. Remote Desktop Error Code 0x8000FFFF
  453. Linux: How to Display the SSL Certificate of a Remote Server URL
  454. PowerShell: Detecting Windows Antivirus
  455. Exchange relays settings Open the Exchange System Manager
  456. PowerShell: How to Install Remote Desktop Services
  457. Sample: AWS & Satellite Subnets
  458. Python: RegEx Module
  459. How to Fix Remote Desktop Blue Screen on Windows 2019
  460. How To Install Remote Desktop on Ubuntu or Centos 7
  461. 10 Steps of Computer Security
  462. Quick 1-liner to Get a User’s Group Memberships
  463. SQL: Backup Database and Purge It From SQL Server
  464. PowerShell: How to Quickly Ping a Target
  465. Excel Challenge: Update Records with a New Email Domain if It Matches Deprecated Domain
  466. JavaScript: Build a Tribute Page
  467. Veritas Backup Exec
  468. PowerShell: Enable Remote Desktop
  469. Build a JavaScript Calculator
  470. PowerShell: Kill Processes Remotely
  471. PowerShell RandomPassword Function
  472. Basic CSS: Add Different Padding to Each Side of an Element
  473. How to transport Outlook contacts
  474. SonicWall Port Forwarding
  475. T-SQL: How To Rename Database in Microsoft SQL Server
  476. How To Disable Microsoft One Sync Service
  477. How to Know if Your Colleague is a God (Like Thor)?
  478. Cisco Fabric Switch – MDS Zoning Template
  479. PowerShell: Create Daily VSS Snapshot of Volumes on Local Windows Machine
  480. NUMLOCK windows XP
  481. BASH: Basic AWK Training
  482. PowerShell: Windows System Discovery – Deprecated
  483. PowerShell Script to Clean Up Files Older than X Days
  484. PowerShell: Perform DISM Restore Health on Remote Servers
  485. Office 365 User Logon Instructions
  486. Quick and Dirty Script to Watch and Start / Restart Windows Service
  487. PowerShell Script to Send Email
  488. PowerShell: Install Windows Cluster Admin
  489. PowerShell: Checking Computer Type
  490. Common Windows Ports and Services
  491. Another Logon Script Example from 2008
  492. PowerShell: Some Tricks in Using the Here-String to Declare Blocks of Code
  493. How to Install VMware Tools on Centos 7
  494. PowerShell: Get-NetTCPConnection for Windows 7 & 2008
  495. Server Decommissioning Procedure
  496. PowerShell: Benchmark Disk Speed
  497. How To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Linux Mint 20
  498. PowerShell: Manage Remote Desktop Servers by Logging Off Idle Sessions That Have Certain Inactive Programs
  499. CentOS 8: How to Only Apply Security Updates
  500. PowerShell: Microsoft Failover Cluster Discovery Version 0.10
  501. On-Premise Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Migration Instructions
  502. Docker Alpine OpenSSH-Client
  503. SonicWall: How to Set Internet Restrictions for Specific Computers
  504. PowerShell: Use Win-SCP to Download Files from SFTP Server
  505. PowerShell: How to Create Multiple Arrays or Columns from an Array
  506. Last Logon Dates of List of AD Accounts
  507. PowerShell: Remove A-record in Bluecat
  508. PowerShell: Quick Exercise On Disks Operations
  510. Setting Up Python on a Windows Machine
  511. WinRM and Trusted Hosts for Non-Domain Computers
  512. Quick Notes of Beachy Systems Upgrade
  513. Set up ESX with QNAP iSCCI targets
  514. How to Convert Windows Application to Run as a Service
  515. PowerShell: Download Dot Net 4.7.2
  516. How To Configure Alternative Storage for a Kubernetes (K8s) Worker Node
  517. PowerShell: List All Hyper-V Snapshots of All VMs in All Clusters in Domain
  518. Installing Kubernetes on CentOS 8.1
  519. PowerShell: Quick 1-Liner to Locate Path to Executable
  520. Quickbooks Enterprise 6 Data Server Migration
  521. WordPress Plugin to Customize How Posts are Displayed
  522. PowerShell: Extract Root Domain from URL
  523. A Comment on SSD Hardware
  524. Remote Desktop: change default listening port
  525. Windows Short-cut vs Symbolic Link vs Junction vs Hard Link
  526. PowerShell: Setting or Resetting User Password
  527. Linux: How To Install Visual Studio Code
  528. Credit_Invoice_Reprints_ZZ6_7_8.bat
  529. Applying Windows Patches
  530. How to connect to the Keri system (door access)
  531. Windows Firewall with Group Policy
  532. Create a Report of MTU Settings on All Hyper-V Hosts in the Domain/Forest
  533. PowerShell: Get CRC Signature of a File
  534. WinRM Management Consideration
  535. Basic CSS: Style Multiple Elements with a CSS Class
  536. Some Batch Files
  537. R5 2400G Zen CPU Cores Undervolt and Overclocking
  538. Typical Group Policies
  539. PowerShell: Handling Windows Product Key
  540. Setting up proper multiple active I/O Paths between ESX and Equalogic
  541. Linux: How To Use Dig
  542. Some Stories in the Backlog
  543. PowerShell: Update Accounts Basing on CSV File
  544. PEN TEST
  545. File Services
  546. PowerShell: How To Add Additional Sub-Directories to an Existing SMB Share
  547. Linux: How to Set Startup Script
  548. ESXi How To Perform Some Routine Tasks
  549. Network Dual Routers
  550. Uninstall Windows Product Key
  551. Notable Features of C#
  552. Linux: Disks & Memory Management
  553. PowerShell: Adding a User to Local Groups
  554. Shoretel: Why do we need an inventory of MAC addresses?
  555. PowerShell: Scan a Subnet for Used and Unused IPs
  556. How to configure IPMonitor for a server
  557. HaProxy RDP Forwarding
  558. Enabling Unix Newline ‘LF’ Support for Windows 10 Version 1706 or Higher
  559. ScreenConnect and NGINX
  560. Installing Red5 on CentOS 5
  561. Linux: Using Bash to Search for Files Matching Certain Extensions
  562. The 5 Rules of Thumb of Business Presentation (To Attract Investors)
  563. How to Obtain Mac Address of Remote Computer
  564. PowerShell: Snippet to Detect and Disconnect Active PS Sessions
  565. PowerShell: Add Root Domain to Trusted Sites
  566. Office 365 Email Security for SMTP Relays
  567. Add Chocolatey Private Repo
  568. Windows Error When Joining Domain
  569. PowerShell: How To Disable and/or Stop Windows Service
  570. PowerShell: Change Process Priority Level
  571. How to Overclock Computer CPU
  572. Microsoft Dynamics Email Router Failed to Start
  573. IIS Mime Types
  574. SQL Error Msg 3201, Level 16, State 2
  575. Invoke T-SQL on Multiple Servers
  576. FFMPEG Ftuff (old)
  577. Python: Module vs Package vs Library vs Framework
  578. Import A WMWare.PowerCLI from Behind the Proxy
  579. SQL: DELETE FROM Statement
  580. DB2 AS400 to Microsoft SQL Conversion
  581. PowerShell: Overcome Issues with Error 13932 in SCVMM When Refreshing Virtual Machines
  582. How to Restart Domino Services without Reboot
  583. PowerShell: Uninstalling an Application
  584. ADFS: Adding a Relying Party Trust
  585. Adjust Active Directory Traffic Distribution Among Domain Controllers
  586. Setting Windows Security Auditing via Command Line
  587. Server PDC Time Clock Synchronization 
  588. Configuring Virtual Storage Area Networks (VSANs)
  589. PowerShell: Implementation of Anonymous Self Executing Function
  590. PowerShell: Create Mailbox Report on Office 365
  591. How to Add a Replica into an Existing Availability Group using PowerShell
  592. PowerShell: WinSCP Module
  593. Convert LastLogon Date From Number to Date Time
  594. Enable Mod_rewrite Url rewrite
  595. How To Compile Package Source
  596. Windows Firewall Block ICMP Ping
  597. PowerShell: Download and Expand Zip File – Legacy Compatible
  598. PowerShell: Get SQL Server Performance Counters
  599. PowerShell: Error While Invoking Functions Containing 2 Parameters
  600. Microsoft Dynamics Audit History Data Missing After Org Migration
  601. MMC Short-cuts
  602. How to set up Sip Trunk between two offices
  603. Linux: Creating Soft Links as Directories
  604. Linux: Installing Docker Community Edition on Centos 8
  605. Common Windows Maintenance using PowerShell
  606. PowerShell: Quick Script to Get Storage Utilization
  607. PowerShell: File Copy Script using EmCopy & VSS (Legacy)
  608. PowerShell: Set PasswordNeverExpires on SamAccountName
  609. How to Install WSUS Windows 2012 Server
  610. Linux: Commands to Add a New Disk
  611. Linux: How to Migrate Users to a New Host
  612. Exchange: New-MoveRequest
  613. RDP Connection Error: CredSSP encryption oracle remediation
  614. PowerShell: Detect Microsoft SQL Version and Installed Location
  615. Basic JavaScript: Constructing Strings with Variables
  616. Basic CSS: Change the Font Size of an Element
  617. Linux: RSYNC Examples
  618. Gallery2 Random Highlight Mod
  619. Remediate IE Vulnerabilities
  620. Fix: Error”The security log on this system is full”
  621. Deploying LDAP / Active Directory Self Service Password Portal
  622. How To Add JavaScript Functions into WordPress
  623. GPO Logon Banner
  624. How to Become a DevOps Engineer in 2020
  625. PowerShell Legacy Versions: How to Check Connection of Servers on Certain Ports?
  626. How to Use Windows Built-in Packet Tracer
  627. Ubuntu/Lubuntu: Setting Up Development Environment
  628. Fixing an Issue On Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V with Uneven Distribution of Available CPU Cores
  629. PowerShell: Automated Login Validation Using Internet Explorer
  630. Basic CSS: Give a Background Color to a div Element
  631. DDWRT Open DNS
  632. How To Format HTML Content For Email
  633. PowerShell: Sorting an Array of Strings as Numbers
  634. Windows Time Service Configuration
  635. HTML: Tagging and Jumping to Sections of Page
  636. SIP with Sonicwall Issues
  637. PowerShell: Play with Time
  638. PowerShell: Install Apps On List of Computers
  639. PowerShell: Nesting Functions Inside Functions
  640. PowerShell: Test URL for Reachability
  641. PowerShell: Convert Between Various SSL Certificate Formats
  642. Linux: Remediate SSL Weak Cipher Suites
  643. How To Invoke Functions as Background Jobs
  644. Ubuntu/Lubuntu 20.04 GRUB_TIME=0 Defaults to 10 Seconds Instead of Zero
  645. PowerShell: Graceful Shutdown of MS SQL Server
  646. PowerShell: Obtain List of Hyper-V Hosts in All Domains of All Forests
  647. PowerShell: Create Hyper-V Guest VM From Virtual Disk (VHDX)
  648. PowerShell: Get Date Taken Value of a Photo or Video
  649. Skills to Master as a Systems Admin or Engineer
  650. List Folder Sizes
  651. Basic CSS: Set the id of an Element
  652. How to Mount NFS Share On Linux Client
  653. How To Install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint
  654. PowerShell: Run PowerShell As Another User
  655. PowerShell: Activate Remote Windows
  656. PowerShell: ADFS Backup and Restore
  657. Sonicwall Multiple WANs Load Balancing & Failover
  658. PowerShell: Output HashTable to CSV
  659. Overview of Microsoft Azure Networking
  660. WordPress PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
  661. IT Security Compliance
  662. A Few Todos while Securing Apache Server
  663. User Account Control
  664. Spike: Call Center Solutions
  665. How to Install Selenium for Python on Windows or Linux
  666. PowerShell: Reset Windows 10 to Default Factory Settings
  667. The 10 Commandments of C Programming
  668. PowerShell: Set Hyper-V Cluster Quorum
  669. NextCloud Container PHP Memory Issue as Deployed via Kubernetes
  670. Quick 1-liner: get system model number
  671. PowerShell: Create and Edit SMB Shares
  672. Exchange 2007 Staged Migration to Office 365
  673. How To Install Ubuntu Server 20.04
  674. OpenProject Installation on CentOS 7
  675. ESXi 6.5 Installation Instructions
  676. PowerShell: Exchange 2010 Server Update & Restart
  677. PowerShell: Find Duplicate RDP Sessions on All Remote Desktop Servers Discovered Within the Domain
  678. PowerShell: Query Google Account Using GAM
  679. How to Add Printers on Linux Mint 20
  680. Chocolatey Ignore Checksums
  681. PowerShell: Get OU of a User & Get All Users In an OU
  682. SQL: Truncate Transaction Logs
  683. LAMP Stack using Docker
  684. Install Fail2ban on CentOS 7 & 8
  685. PowerShell: How to Logoff an User RDP Session
  686. SQL Language (Condensed)
  687. PowerShell: Purge User Outlook Profile
  688. Recover Windows CD Key
  689. PowerShell: Perform Windows Discovery of Services, Connections, and Security Settings
  690. Some AWS Quick Notes
  691. Windows Quick Short-cuts
  692. Install AWS Command Line Interface on Windoze
  693. PowerShell: Obtain Date Time Stamp And Convert to Pacific Standard Zone
  694. Barracuda Message Archiver & Office 365 Exchange Online Service Account Configuration
  695. How to Migrate AP From One Controller to Another
  696. PowerShell: Unjoin Computer From Domain
  697. Outlook Secure RPC Over HTTP
  698. PowerShell: Audit Failed Logins of A User
  699. PowerShell: Move Files Into Zip
  700. Basic HTML and HTML5: Use HTML5 to Require a Field
  701. Remote Desktop Service Optimizations
  702. Linux DNS Networking
  703. Basic CSS: Use a CSS Class to Style an Element
  704. PowerShell: Replicate All Domain Controllers Immediately
  705. Securing Windows Remote Desktop Services
  706. Security Updates for Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019 (March 2019) (Spectre) (Meltdown) (Foreshadow)
  707. Overview: ReadOnly Domain Controllers (RODC)
  708. PowerShell: Obtain Domain Admin Credential
  709. Git / Github / Gitlab
  710. How to Setup Snom Model M9r SIP Phone with ShoreTel
  711. PowerShell: Add Office365 Records on DNS Servers
  712. WordPress: Add Search Box Into Header
  713. Basic HTML and HTML5: Make Dead Links Using the Hash Symbol
  714. Script to remove files older than X days
  715. Disable / Enable Admin Shares
  716. PowerShell: Test Domain Username & Password Credential
  717. PowerShell: Check Registry Path, Key, and Dword Value
  718. VMWare: How to Convert Physical To Virtual Machine
  719. Blackberry Server “Send As” issue
  720. PowerShell: Detect Whether Computer is Connected To Domain
  721. CSS Snippet to Target Phones, Tablets, and Desktops Separately
  722. IT Infrastructure Systems Design
  723. PowerShell: Script to Search Scheduled Tasks for a Service Account
  724. Sample Forth Shift Script
  725. PowerShell: Backup Dynamics CRM Organization Database
  726. Script to Deploy Executables
  727. MySQL Update Statement
  728. How to manually fix a corrupted system file
  729. HTML: Basic Anatomy of A Page
  730. Public DNS servers
  731. PowerShell: Compare File Counts of 2 Directories
  732. Create Desktop Application with Electron using JavaScript
  733. PowerShell: Outdated Method of Sending Emails
  734. PowerShell: Checking Duplicating Identifiers Among ADFS Relying Party Trusts
  735. CentOS System Rescue on AWS
  736. PowerShell: Scheduled Task to Backup Local Files to remote UNC Path
  737. Run Memory Tester On Ubuntu 20.04
  738. Check Whether an Entity Has Access to a Directory or Its Children
  739. Install ScreenConnect on CentOS
  740. HP Procurve Standard Setup
  741. Ubuntu Linux: Unable to Write to a Mounted Media
  742. getDCTimeSources
  743. SQL Failover (Simple Method)
  744. PowerShell: Take VM Snapshots
  745. PowerShell: Microsoft Exchange Admin Reports
  746. Basic HTML and HTML5: Turn an Image into a Link
  747. Resolve Error: (59) An unexpected network error occurred
  748. Quick 1-Liner to List Domain Controllers and ReadOnly Statuses
  749. Simple Active Directory & DNS Synchronization Script
  750. PowerShell: Optimize SQL Server Memory & CPU Resources
  751. Quick Script to Test SharePoint Online Credentials
  752. PowerShell: Check VLAN of Windows Machine
  753. Basic JavaScript: Understand String Immutability
  754. Office 365 Rules
  755. Enable WinRM Remotely
  756. PowerShell: Obtain List of Hyper-V Hosts via Active Directory
  757. Run Windows Commands Remotely
  758. Command line to stop, start, or restarting services
  759. CentOS 8 SSH Daemon Notes
  760. How to Import Files Into a Docker Container
  761. Install SSL on ScreenConnect
  762. PowerShell: Replacing Notepad with Notepad Plus Plus
  763. Two Useful Workstation Shortcuts for Non-Savvy Users
  764. How to Deploy PiHole in a Kubernetes Cluster
  765. Basic HTML and HTML5: Nest Many Elements within a Single div Element
  766. PowerShell: Deploy Choco Apps
  767. PowerShell: Remove an A-Host Record within Active Directory Integrated DNS Domain
  768. Exchange 2007 Installation Notes
  769. PowerShell: Creating VSS Snapshots on Microsoft File Server Clusters
  770. Microsoft Exchange Server Certificates
  771. PowerShell: Office 365 Bulk Licensing, Changing IDs, Enabling POP3
  772. PowerShell: Function to Add/Remove Local Host Record
  773. PowerShell: Taking a Snapshot of a Windows Volume
  774. PowerShell: Remove Hyper-V VM Snapshots
  775. Add Local Windows User
  776. PowerShell: How to Send Key Strokes to a Program Graphical User Interface
  777. Basic CSS: Inherit Styles from the Body Element
  778. SQL: Using PowerShell to Check if a Table, View, or Stored Procedure Exists
  779. IP Helper Address
  780. PowerShell: CredSSP
  781. Juniper OSPF
  782. How to Add Windows Server 2012 into 2003 Network
  783. PowerShell: Elevating Credential
  784. Ubuntu: Auto Updates Configuration
  785. Hyper-V: Creating a New Virtual Machine
  786. Basic CSS: Override Class Declarations by Styling ID Attributes
  787. Basic CSS: Use RGB values to Color Elements
  788. CSS: Variables & Simple Animation
  789. PowerShell: Microsoft Dynamics Update All Organizations
  790. PowerShell: Set Windows Scheduled Task to Send a Pop-up Message
  791. PowerShell: Quickly Start Services that were Set to Auto
  792. Sonicwall Site to Site VPN Setup
  793. Multiple Spanning Tree on Cisco
  794. NGINX
  795. Hyper-V: Search for Guest VMs Utilizing Certain Storage Paths
  796. Hyper-V Virtual Machines Won’t Start on Restore or Live Migration
  797. Use PowerShell to Set Microsoft SQL Database Owner
  798. PowerShell: Quick Snippet to Purge All ‘Orphaned’ Records of Resources in VMM
  799. Basic CSS: Add Different Margins to Each Side of an Element
  800. Discover FSMO roles
  801. Setting Up FTP on CentOS 5.3
  802. A Fake 512GB USB Thumb Drive
  803. Manual Sync for Office 365 Azure-AD Integration
  804. Overview of Veeam Backup and Restore
  805. PowerShell: Moving Guest VMs in Hyper-V in Conjunction with Microsoft Failover Cluster
  806. PowerShell: How To Invoke Rest Method with RingCentral Rest API
  807. SQL: Microsoft Dynamics – Rebuilding a Database View Named ‘FilteredContact’
  808. How to Install ‘Compass’ Program
  809. Basic CSS: Use Hex Code for Specific Colors
  810. PowerShell: Adding a New Domain Controller
  811. PowerShell: Move Computer Objects in Active Directory
  812. Using SysPrep To Move Windows Users Directory
  813. Adding a New Route onto Enterasys Core Switch
  814. Office 365 Mail Import Using CSV Files
  815. Yet Another Quick List of Linux Commands
  816. PowerShell: Get MD5 Hashing Signature of a File
  817. How to Setup Site To Site VPN with SonicWall
  818. How to Host Multiple Domains with SSL Using Microsoft Information Service (IIS)
  819. Some Windows Tools
  820. Windows: Disable Automatic Restart After Updates
  821. Windows 10 Missing Icons Problem
  822. Windows Active Directory Snapshots
  823. PowerShell: Chicken Scratch Ports Scanner
  824. PowerShell: Check IP Conflicts of Computers in Active Directory
  825. Add or Remove a User / Users in CentOS / Redhat Linux
  826. Linux: Use Lubuntu 20.04, TightVNC Server, NoVNC, WebSockify to Create a Terminal Server Accessible via Any Browser!
  827. PowerShell: Purge, Destroy, or Empty a Directory!
  828. PowerShell: Process Watcher – Restart Stopped Services
  829. How to Migrate a Database to a Newer Version of Microsoft SQL Server
  830. How to Setup Microsoft Failover Cluster with PowerShell
  831. How To Improve WordPress Website Rendering Speed
  832. Configure Remote Servers to Download Contents from Microsoft Directly instead of WSUS
  833. PowerShell: Setting Windows Firewall Rules
  834. PowerShell: Passing Local Functions to Remote WinRM Sessions
  835. PowerShell: Automating Dynamics CRM Migration
  836. Windows Activation Methods
  837. PowerShell: Get Windows OS Name
  838. Install ISPConfig on CentOS 5.2
  839. Nintendo Wii JailBreaking
  840. PowerShell: Remove or Disable Windows Defender
  841. PowerShell: Disable Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization
  842. Linux Mint How To Remove Repository
  843. PowerShell: How to Disable Users Authenticated Control (UAC)
  844. Crontab Maintenance
  845. Resolving CRM Error Upon Login
  846. Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates
  847. Kubernetes: Cert-Manager Certificate Request YAML Example
  848. How to increase the database size limit on Exchange 2003 SP2
  849. PowerShell: Mapping and Unmapping Network Drives
  850. SAN Dell Equallogic PS6100E
  851. Linux: An Experience in Resizing a Root Partition
  852. PowerShell: Use RoboCopy & Volume Shadow Copy to Mirror Terrabytes of Data
  853. How to Add Windows Administrative Templates to Domain Group Policies
  854. Logon Scripts
  855. How to Check NTFS Effective Permission Access of a User
  856. Domain Controller Error: Broken DFS Replication
  857. Websense Filtering Precedence
  858. PowerShell: Get SQL Job History
  859. PowerShell: Execution Policy
  860. PowerShell: Check Speculation Controls for Spectre Mitigation Support on Windows
  861. FTP On Upload Email
  862. PowerShell: Technique to Pass Array Variable as Argument
  863. Enable Jumbo Frames on a Windows Host
  864. PowerShell: Get Failed Scheduled Tasks on a Windows Machine
  865. PowerShell: Get All Hyper-V Servers in the Domain or Forest
  866. PowerShell: How to Change Active Directory Username
  867. Microsoft Hyper-V: Creating Windows Template (Golden Image)
  868. PowerShell: How to Properly Delete a Msol User Account
  869. Linux: Creating Volume Shortcuts
  870. PowerShell: Create User Accounts From CSV File
  871. Windows WSL: How to Fix Broken bashrc File
  872. PowerShell: Add New Virtual Disk to Existing Guest VM in Hyper-V
  873. PowerShell: Windows Systems State Backup Daily
  874. Reset password for Active Directory Windows Recovery Administrator Account
  875. Quick 1-liner Generate List of Active Directory users
  876. Useful Ubuntu Settings for VNC
  877. How to Setup Software RAID on Ubuntu 20.04
  878. How to Move C:\Users to Another Volume
  879. PowerShell: Install RSAT
  880. Check a List of Servers to Find Currently Stopped Autorun Services
  881. PowerShell: Monitor a Program Wizard for Its Task Completion
  882. A Short List of Windows Remote Desktop Server Error Messages
  883. Error: Windows cannot load extensible counter DLL MSSQLSERVER, the first DWORD in data section is the Windows error code.
  884. PowerShell: Error Unable to find package provider ‘NuGet’ Resolved
  885. WGET Error on Windows and Its Quick Resolution
  886. PowerShell Dealing with Proxy
  887. Windows 10: Update Script
  888. PowerShell: Get Quorums of All Clusters in the Domain
  889. PowerShell: Remove IP Address Assignment Using Bluecat API
  890. PowerShell: Creating Active Directory Accounts from CSV File
  891. ESX & Enterasys LAG Configurations
  892. PowerShell: Use Chocolatey to Install Apps on Windows (Similar to Apt-Get or Yum)
  893. PowerShell: Scan for Available or Unavailable IPs
  894. PowerShell: Moving Virtual Machines & Expanding Disk Volumes in Hyper-V & Microsoft Failover Clusters
  895. Registry Key to Reset Offline Cache
  896. PowerShell: Rebooting a List of Computers
  897. Basic CSS: Specify How Fonts Should Degrade
  898. Domino Email Server Conversion
  899. An Issue with RSA Key On CentOS 8
  900. PowerShell: Check DotNet Framework on Windows
  901. Set NTP on Primary Domain Controller
  902. PowerShell: Restart a Service on All Hyper-V Hosts of a Cluster
  903. How to Install RSA Radius Server
  904. PKGSRC
  905. Dynamics NFS Provisioning in Kubernetes Cluster
  906. IIS Server Troubleshooting
  907. Install ESX 5.5 on 5th Generation NUC
  908. PowerShell: Try Catch Technique to Obtain Error Type
  909. How To Fix History Disabled in Task Scheduler
  910. Redhat 7.5 Installation
  911. How To Install Zabbix Client on CentOS 8
  912. PowerShell: Delete Hidden System Volume Information Directory
  913. Block USB in Windows 7 using Group Policy
  914. PowerShell: Fix Email Aliases as Preparation for O365 Migration
  915. How to Change iTunes Backup Location of Storage In Windows
  916. Basic CSS: Override Styles in Subsequent CSS
  917. ODBC Driver 32-bit & 64-bit
  918. MySQL: List Database Size
  919. Find Empty Directories
  920. JavaScript Challenge: Counting Words
  921. PowerShell: Methods to Download Files
  922. SNMP
  923. PowerShell Commands to Install the NTFSSecurity Module
  924. PowerShell: Get Spectre Meltdown Patching Versions of Hyper-V Hosts
  925. PowerShell: Microsoft Exchange to Require that all Senders are Authenticated
  926. Apache Hosting Multiple Websites
  927. Sample: New User Setup Instructions
  928. Hyper-V: Attach a New Virtual Disk
  929. Windows: Quickly Identify Cert Servers
  930. PowerShell: Email Users with Expiring Passwords
  931. Setup Virtual DMZ and Trust Zones with PFSense
  932. SQL Server: Use Profiler to Tune Database Indexes
  933. How to Change a Disk Signature using Diskpart
  934. Basic JavaScript: Manipulate Arrays With pop()
  935. Quick Snippet to Copy NTFS Permissions Between SMB Shares
  936. PowerShell: Windows Defender Controlled Folder Access
  937. Set up centralized logging on Windows Server
  938. Domino Applications Migration
  939. Install PBX in a Flash
  940. Fix 4GB Limitation on a Windows 32BIT OS
  941. How to Install Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04
  942. PowerShell: DHCP Server Scope Options Editing
  943. PowerShell: Setting WSUS Registry Setting On/Off for Client Windows
  944. Basic CSS: Change the Color of Text
  945. Python Module: JSON
  946. PowerShell: Update Local Windows Using COM Objects – Legacy Compatible
  947. Active Directory: Helpdesk Admins Group Creation
  948. Exchange 2010 Discovery Management
  949. Add a Domain Group to Local Administrators Group
  950. SMTP Testing Commands How to test SMTP operations using Telnet
  951. WordPress: Remove ‘Built with Storefront & WooCommerce’ in footer
  952. Redirecting Microphone through Remmina RDP Sessions
  953. Apache Multiple Domains Config
  954. An Exercise in Discover Whether an Active Directory Account Has RDP Access to Windows Bastion Hosts
  955. Basic HTML and HTML5: Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph
  956. Linux: How To Create XDG-MIME Association for Google Voice in Unbuntu
  957. PowerShell: Compare Time Stamps of Items in Mirroring Directories
  958. Firewall-Cmd
  959. PowerShell: Update Windows Computers
  960. Forth Shift Administrative Procedures – Daily and Monthly
  961. PowerShell: Expand Volume of Virtual FileServer Role
  962. Update Root Hints on the DNS Server
  963. Symantec Antivirus 10.1: How to delete a Quarantined file
  964. Setup PXE Client Booting for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit with Multiple VLANs
  965. Ubuntu: Install VMWare WorkStation
  966. Installing Team Foundation Server
  967. Microsoft SQL Server: How to Use T SQL to Move Transaction Log Files
  968. Query Print Spooler of SERVER1
  969. PowerShell: An Exercise in Calculating Checksums
  970. PowerShell: Generate Report of Users and Computers That Have Not Logged On for X Days
  971. Backup and Restore Prerequisites
  972. WordPress Custom CSS for Tables
  973. Set Automatic Updates for CentOS & Redhat
  974. How to fix outdated and unsupported Ubuntu versions
  975. Bosch Security Camera System
  976. PowerShell: Add User To Group in Active Directory
  977. How to globally edit PING monitor timing (to 30 seconds)
  978. How to Add Domain Admins to SQL Server
  979. Linux: MySql Docker Container – Export database
  980. Setup Multiple SMTP Servers
  981. VmWare Workstation 6, Linux disk expansion
  982. Enable Hibernation Option on Linux Mint 20
  983. AWS-CLI: Detach A Volume
  984. File Access Control
  985. Installing Linux Kernel on Windows 10 Machines
  986. Quick 1-liner: Raise Domain Functional Level from 2003 to 2012 R2
  987. How to Get Table Sizes of a Database in Microsoft SQL Server
  988. Basic JavaScript: Manipulate Arrays With unshift()
  989. PowerShell: Discover Domain Controllers and Classify Each As VM or Physical
  990. Start All Automatic Services on Windows
  991. A Simple Home Network Setup Using SonicWall & Ubiquiti Equipment
  992. PowerShell: How to Play a Sound
  993. Synology Rsync Issue
  994. How to recreate user profile on Windows 7
  995. PowerShell: Excute Function Remotely
  996. How to Install HAProxy using PKGSRC
  997. Benefits and Drawbacks of Desktop Virtualization
  998. Quick 1-liner Exchange Backup & Recovery
  999. Linux: How to Install ProFTPd on CentOS 8 as an SFTP Server
  1000. Microsoft Failover Clustering Service Overview
  1001. Print Server Admin Tasks – 2006 Notes
  1002. PowerShell: Set ACL
  1003. View FSMO Roles
  1004. Set Up Mail Relay Server with CentOS
  1005. WordPress Plugin Syntax Highlighter Fix
  1006. Installing IBM VPN Client
  1007. Windows XP and Browser Compatibilities
  1008. Export / Convert from AWS to ESXi
  1009. Setting Trace Logging for MS Dynamics CRM
  1010. PowerShell: Get All Hyper-V Host Spectre Patch Versions
  1011. AWS Instances Backup
  1012. Symantec Antivirus 11 Installation Notes
  1013. Microsoft IIS-7 Application Pools
  1014. PowerShell: Start IIS Sites & App Pools
  1015. Basic JavaScript: Manipulate Arrays With push()
  1016. LDAP Ubuntu Client Setup
  1017. Linux Bash Shell Command to Download and Install an App
  1018. SQL Admin
  1019. How to Install & Configure Pihole on Ubuntu 20.04
  1020. Microsoft Dynamics CRM IIS Pool Service Account Configuration
  1021. PowerShell: Impersonation to Download Files Through Proxy
  1022. Nginx Apache SSL Example
  1023. Amazon Web Services Testing
  1024. PowerShell: Send Email Notifications to Computer Users Before Maintentance
  1025. Using Telnet and PowerShell to Test SMTP Relay
  1026. AWS Highlights
  1027. PowerShell: Microsoft SQL Database Migration
  1028. PowerShell: Microsoft Clustered Disks Creation Script v 0.10
  1029. Installing ScreenConnect Client on Ubuntu 20.04
  1030. PowerShell: Script to Stop, Start, Disable, and Enable Exchange Server
  1031. Linux Notes Dump (From 100 Years Ago)
  1032. Quick Info on Disabling UAC
  1033. Import virtual machines from VMware ESX to AWS
  1034. Windows 2012 Maintenance
  1035. How To Change Default Backup Directory of Microsoft SQL Server
  1036. PowerShell: Synchronize Files Between Different Domains
  1037. Kubernetes: How to Set Node Affinity
  1038. How to transfer files between Windows client to Unix Server
  1039. Linux: How to create samba shares for Windows
  1040. Microsoft SQL Cloning Database to a Different DB Name
  1041. Default Nginx Installation on Centos 7
  1042. How to Remove Apps in CentOS/Redhat
  1043. PowerShell: Special Parameter datatype [switch]
  1044. PowerShell: Raise Domain Forest Functional Level
  1045. PowerShell: Synchronize Directories with File Signature Comparisons
  1046. PowerShell: Command Line to Empty a Remote Directory
  1047. Intermittent Ping Request Time Out Due to An Outdated ARP Table Entry of a Ubuntu Server
  1048. Windows Special Run Commands
  1049. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Permission Errors
  1050. Loading the SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)
  1051. Windows Backup Tools
  1052. Find Hostnames per UserID in Event Logs on Domain Controllers
  1053. Methods to Embed JavaScript Codes into WordPress
  1054. Default Ports for Various Common Services
  1055. DNS Load Balance
  1056. How to set UniFi controller as a Windows service
  1057. Web Server Files and mySQL backup and restore
  1058. Transfer Domain Controller Roles (Legacy Commands)
  1059. Basic CSS: Add a Negative Margin to an Element
  1060. Projects for Mystery Client in 2005
  1061. How To Set Up an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003
  1062. How to Setup Applications & Scanners to Use Office 365 Online Exchange to Send Emails
  1063. Mods to Zencart
  1064. PowerShell: Check ADFS for Duplicate Identifiers
  1065. Quick Command To Get Windows Version
  1066. Error: Kernel panic – not syncing : VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
  1067. Linux: Shell Script to Reboot Remote Devices Daily
  1068. Dell OpenManage and ESXi 6.0 Integration
  1069. Python: Package Installer for Python (PIP)
  1070. How to Create a New Jenkins Job to Call a PowerShell Script with Credentials
  1071. iSeries Access ODBC Setup
  1072. Dual DHCP Servers on Microsoft Windows
  1073. Resolving a Corrupted Data Store in ESXi
  1074. Conversion Plan (draft 0.1)
  1075. Ping Command’s First Packet Toward LDAP Server(s) Takes 2 Seconds to Start
  1076. HPE: Gen8 Bios Settings to Prepare Host for Virtualization Role
  1077. Script to Push Files to Remote SFTP Server
  1078. PowerShell: Discover Environment
  1079. PowerShell: Install TightVNC on Windows via CLI
  1080. Basic CSS: Use Clockwise Notation to Specify the Padding of an Element
  1081. PowerShell: File Server Cluster Migration Scripts
  1082. Getting Started with Kubernetes on Linux
  1083. PowerShell: Copying Only Files From a Folder
  1084. Puppet Client Server Lab Setup
  1085. “Simon” Piano Game JavaScript Code
  1086. Pihole Error: Tried 100 Times to Connect to FTL Server
  1087. PowerShell: Copy Active Directory User
  1088. PowerShell: Improve Network Speed of Windows on 20 Mbps or Faster Connections
  1089. Installing Simple NFS GUI (for Ubuntu / Mint / Debian)
  1090. PowerShell: Automating Process of Setting Up a New Windows Machine
  1091. Example of a HipChat Server Installation
  1092. VMware: How To Mount a USB Thumb Drive as a Data Store
  1093. PowerShell: Find Hyper-V Host by Guest VM Name
  1094. PowerShell: Connecting via WinRM with a Timeout
  1095. Linux: Installing Portainer
  1096. Using Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to Create Private Clouds
  1097. Microsoft SQL Server Storage Capacity Planning
  1098. Basic CSS: Adjust the Margin of an Element
  1099. PowerShell: Exchange Servers Discovery
  1100. How to Check System Temperature on Ubuntu 21.04
  1101. PowerShell Script to Copy Members of One Group to Another
  1102. Installing Apache on Centos 7
  1103. PowerShell: Force Outlook to Compact On Exiting
  1104. How to Disable or Remove Windows Defender
  1105. Audit Logon Successes & Failures on All Domain Controllers
  1106. Install Apps on Remote Computers via WinRM & Chocolatey
  1107. PowerShell: check whether the current user is a member of Domain Admins
  1108. DHCP Config on Enterasys Core Layer-3 Switch
  1109. Script to Disable User Accounts
  1110. Basic HTML and HTML5: Add a Submit Button to a Form
  1111. How to manually point servers in the DMZ to WSUS server for updates
  1112. Invoke Commands on Remote Computers [To Install Applications]
  1113. PowerShell: Legacy Methods to Save Credentials
  1114. PowerShell: Maintain Linux Services via SSH Remoting
  1115. Enterasys Route Policies
  1116. Cisco VSAN: MDS Zoning Configuration for ESXi Host – Step by Step
  1117. WordPress: How To Add Custom XML Sitemap to Yoast SEO
  1118. Common JavaScript Techniques
  1119. Common Data Transfer Speeds
  1120. Enabling Virtualization Extensions in BIOS
  1121. Microsoft Dynamics Sluggish CRM Records Creation – Slow to Update Views
  1122. How to Analyze Inbound / Outbound Traffic
  1123. PowerShell: How to Replace a System File – For Experimentation Purposes
  1124. Implement Docker & Portainer
  1125. PowerShell: Check if a HostName is Resolvable on All Internal DNS Servers
  1126. How To Change VMWare ESXi Hypervisor’s IP Address and Host Name
  1127. How to Create USB Bootable Drive on Ubuntu
  1128. PowerShell: Clear Windows Clipboard
  1129. Delegate Administration Priviledges to Junior Admins
  1130. MS SQL: Admin_Report_Notification
  1131. Linux: How to Check Graphics Card Memory
  1132. Troubleshooting Issues with Inconsistent Access Certain Websites
  1133. Ubuntu: Testing Webcam
  1134. Virtual Machine Queue: Assigning Processors to Network Interfaces
  1135. Windows Update Error
  1136. Quick PowerShell Cmdlet to Move Computer Object
  1137. Resolving Guest Virtual Machine Critical Status in Hyper-V Manager
  1138. PowerShell: Resolve “CredSSP encryption oracle remediation” Error on Windows 2016
  1139. PowerShell: Reset Active Directory User Password
  1140. PowerShell: Maintain Chocolatey Applications
  1141. SQL: Use PowerShell to Validate if Database Exists
  1142. Apache HTTPd
  1143. Domain Name Records Overview: A-record, MX, DKIM, SPF, SRV
  1144. HP Procurve Router: ACL Routing & OSPF
  1145. How to Enforce Keyboard Layout Consistency for Remote Desktop
  1146. Linux: How to Create RSA Keys and SSH Agent
  1147. Install phpMyAdmin in Centos 5.3
  1148. Some Old SQL Snippets
  1149. Resolving DNS Delegation Error: IP: [Missing glue A record]
  1150. Some MySQL Admin Stuff
  1151. Repair VSS in Windows 2008
  1152. PowerShell: Rename Hyper-V Object and Clustered Role Resource
  1153. How To Disable Startup Automatic Repair
  1154. PowerShell: Install DotNet 3.5 – the Easy Way
  1155. PowerShell: Add System Backup Privileges
  1156. How to Clone Virtual Machine in ESXi without using vSphere Web Client (vCenter)
  1157. PowerShell: Find Process ID (PID) Locking a Certain File
  1158. Some WSUS Troubleshooting Notes
  1159. PowerShell: Export Event Logs by a Certain Date Range
  1160. PowerShell: Replacing Characters Inside Text Files
  1161. CCIE Exam Day Overview
  1162. Hyper-V Live Migration Error 0x8007003B
  1163. PowerShell: Replace 1 Line in a Text File Matching Certain Values
  1164. JavaScript: Random Quote Generator
  1165. VMWare vSphere Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  1166. Useful Linux Command Aliases
  1167. HPe Nimble Storage & Microsoft Failover Cluster with Fileserver Roles
  1168. User Account Group Membership Copy
  1169. Excel Visual Basic For Application (VBA): Determine IP List
  1170. Expanding System Volume C Drive of Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine
  1171. Docker ShellInABox
  1172. Restoring AD – using Secondary Domain Controller
  1173. How To Reset Administrator Password – HP iLO Versions 2-4
  1174. SQL: Exists Condition
  1175. Linux: A Quick Sequence of Starting and Stopping an App
  1176. Multicast (PIM-Sparse) between Enterasys and Cisco
  1177. PowerShell: Reset Active Directory Server
  1178. Other Information Technology Considerations
  1179. Windows Update Error Code 0x80244022
  1180. PowerShell: vSphere 5.5 and TLS 1.2 Connection Issues
  1181. Hyper-V Servers Report
  1182. VMWare: Provisioning New Guest Virtual Machines
  1183. Set Permissions of NTFS/SMB Directories Recursively
  1184. RDP: Common Connection Errors
  1185. WordPress Multi-site with Single Sign On (SSO)
  1186. How To Hide Featured Image in Blog Posts in Single View
  1187. Quick 1-liner: Secured File Transfer using PSCP
  1188. Fix Fast Logon Issue Causing H:\ Drive Not Being Mapped
  1189. Install MySQL on CentOS 5.2
  1190. PowerShell: Windows 10 Preparation Script
  1191. How To Install Google Earth on Linux Mint, Debian, or Ubuntu
  1192. PowerShell: Create, Edit User Accounts Basing on CSV File
  1193. PowerShell: Trigger Azure AD Sync on Remote Server as a Domain Admin
  1194. Remove Bloatware on a Windows 10 Default Installation
  1195. Reference Entries of Office 365 records for Internal & External DNS
  1196. PowerShell: Find Process IDs of a Locked File and Kill It
  1197. Troubleshooting or Software Debugging Steps
  1198. How To Setup ClamAV Antivirus Scanner in Kubernetes
  1199. Windows 2016 Cumulative Roll-up Install
  1200. PowerShell: Generate Random Password
  1201. Linux: How to Change IP Address of CentOS 8 Machine
  1202. How to find MacOS Version
  1203. Setup LAMP using RedHat 7
  1204. How To Configure Greylog Client on CentOS 8 Linux
  1205. Latency Rule of thumbs
  1206. Jenkins: How to Clone a Job
  1207. Use CMD to Kill All Instances of a Program / Process
  1208. PowerShell: Disable NetBios
  1209. Remote Desktop Connection An internal error has occurred.
  1210. How to Install Chromium or Chrome on Debian-based Linux
  1211. VoIP Test Plan
  1212. VMware ESX Installation Procedures
  1213. PowerShell: Error when Pause is Placed Inside Function
  1214. PowerShell: Purge OneDrive
  1215. Domain Controller Vulnerability Scan for ZeroLogon VCE-2000-1472
  1216. Microsoft SQL: Login failed for user ‘sa’. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)
  1217. PC / Laptop Setup Steps
  1218. How To Use NXLog On A Windows Client
  1219. PowerShell: Execute as System Elevated Session with a Domain Administrator account
  1220. Active Directory Domain Accounts Security Hardening
  1221. Xpenology
  1222. How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP that is joined to a domain
  1223. PowerShell: Remediate Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path Enumeration
  1224. PowerShell: Manually Create Failover Cluster SMB Shares
  1225. Enable File Server to Have Multiple Alias Host Names
  1226. PowerShell: Perform Final Sync Between 2 Directories
  1227. RDP Gateway with MFA
  1228. How To Inject NIC Drivers into the ESXi Installation Image
  1229. Excel Comma Delimited CSV with Quotes
  1230. How to Clone VMWare Virtual Machine using CLI
  1231. System Backup Proposal for Businesses not Under Regulations
  1232. Windows 2016: HP Proliant Server iLO 5
  1233. Basic CSS: Override All Other Styles by using Important
  1234. Linux: Enable PowerShell Remoting WinRM Client on Ubuntu 20.04
  1235. PowerShell: Process Watcher – Perform CRM Async Services Maintenance
  1236. Memo of an Advisory Regarding WinRM on a Non-Domain Joined Server
  1237. Make Changes to Network Shared Printer
  1238. PowerShell: Copying File Share Permissions from Source to Destination
  1239. SonicWall Configuration for Asterisk
  1240. Proposal: Network Optimization (Simplified)
  1241. Active Directory Group Policy – HIPPA Auditing
  1242. Network Topology Reorganization
  1243. PowerShell: removing elements of an immutable “fixed size” array
  1244. Hyper-V: Clone Linux Guest VM
  1245. How to check to see if your email domain is blacklisted
  1246. Problem Solving Exercise: Auto Manufacturing Case
  1247. Kubernetes Ingress Error 502 Upon NextCloud Upgrades
  1248. Wireshark Overview
  1249. PowerShell: Set Application CPU Affinity on Remote and Local Computers
  1250. Basic CSS: Prioritize One Style Over Another
  1251. PowerShell: How To Test A Server Ephemeral Port
  1252. PowerShell: Set Autologon for Windows
  1253. PowerShell: Get Ports to Process Connections / Associations
  1254. Windows: Force Dedicated RAM to Integrated Graphics
  1255. Basic JavaScript: Comparison with the Strict Inequality Operator
  1256. Reset Windows XP Activation
  1257. Linux: Compiling Software
  1258. Considerations in Granting Access to Helpdesk Users via Group ‘Account Operators’
  1259. PowerShell: 1-Liner to Discover SQL Servers on the Network
  1260. Kerberos “Second Hop” Problem
  1261. PowerShell: Demote Domain Controllers
  1262. PowerShell: Get SQL Server Backup Statuses
  1263. DIFxDriverPackageInstall Error = 3
  1264. Window Update Via PowerShell
  1265. PowerShell: Start-Job, Get-Job, Receive-Job Examples
  1266. Hacking 101: Domain Controllers as One of the Many Usual Targets
  1267. Great GPL Windows Admin Tools
  1268. Juniper Configuration
  1269. MySQL: update with Join Tables
  1270. How to Add Known Trusted Sites to Browsers in Windows
  1271. How to Cramp For a Test
  1272. PowerShell: Get Executable Version and File Location
  1273. PowerShell: Discover Domains and Trusts in Microsoft Windows Environment
  1274. PowerShell: Find Guest VMs Associated with a Certain Storage Path
  1275. An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x80004005)
  1276. PowerShell: Function to Wait for Service to Be Back Online (After Server Reboots)
  1277. PowerShell: Invoke CRM Services Maintenance
  1278. Linux Swap File Operations
  1279. PowerShell: Reset Failover Clustering Quorum
  1280. How To Run Python Interactive Command Line Mode (CLI)
  1281. Java Virtual Machine Optimal Memory Tuning
  1282. Basic HTML and HTML5: Add Placeholder Text to a Text Field
  1283. PowerShell: Split Array into Multiple Sub-Arrays and Inflate Strings to Certain Lengths to Create Visual Columns
  1284. How To Quickly Search a User in Active Directory by Matching Email
  1285. PowerShell: Get Event Logs from a List of Computers
  1286. Enable Remote Desktop Remotely
  1287. Veeam
  1288. AWS Autoscale with Public IP re-association
  1289. HostFront Troubleshooting
  1290. Remote shutdown accessibility issue
  1291. How to Use the ‘Advanced Find’ Feature in Dynamics 365
  1292. PowerShell: Enable TLS 1.2 on legacy servers
  1293. Network Time Service for Centos 7
  1294. Show Users Logons per Computer Names
  1295. PowerShell: Fix All VMs CPU Compatibility Setting
  1296. PowerShell: HashMap Enumeration Example – Set Active-X on Internet Explorer
  1297. Explorer: Can’t connect securely to this page – GoogleChrome: This site can’t be reached
  1298. Microsoft Data Calculation for SQL & General Storage
  1299. Exchange Email Sending Status code: 550 5.7.133
  1300. PowerShell: Creating Clustered File Shares
  1301. Daily database backup.bat
  1302. PowerShell: Creating Scheduled Tasks on Remote Servers
  1303. PowerShell: Detect Antivirus Name on a Windows Machine
  1304. PowerShell: Notify Each User Before Password Expires
  1305. PowerShell: Quickly Add Users into Groups on a List of Computers
  1306. Sonicwall Firewall Recommended Practices
  1307. Linux: Testing Disk Speed
  1308. Configure VPN from AWS to CPE (Juniper Router)
  1309. Optimizing Windows IIS Server
  1310. Restricting Access to Directory in Windows Shares
  1311. How to Enter the Bios on Intel NUC Portable PCs?
  1312. PowerShell: Performing System Disk Cleanup
  1313. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Disaster Recovery
  1314. PowerShell: Convert Array to Hash and back to Array
  1315. Veeam: Hyper-V ConfigStoreRootPath Errors
  1316. Python Module: Datetime
  1317. PowerShell: Time Stamp Variable
  1318. Connecting to Dell EqualLogic PS series SAN using Cisco console cable (72-3383-01)
  1319. HP Procurve Firmware Update
  1320. Microsoft SQL Database Stuck in Restoring Mode
  1321. Automating Scheduled Task Creation on Remote Computers
  1322. Active Directory Domain Controller Certificates Installation Guide
  1323. Storage: Cohesity(tm) Basics
  1324. Function to Install Application and Its PowerShell Wrapper
  1325. Linux: How to Check CPU Speed
  1326. PowerShell: Windows File Migration Tool Using VSS & FastCopy
  1327. Install FreePBX
  1328. NTDS Utility
  1329. Changing SMB Caching on Windows
  1330. MongoDB: Backup and Restore
  1331. Windows Group Policy: Set Chrome as Default with a Home Page
  1332. List Autorun Services
  1333. User Accounts Management
  1334. PowerShell: Get ‘Size on Disk’ of Files in Windows
  1335. Fedora: Setting Programs to Automatically Start
  1336. Microsoft IIS: How to Forward from HTTP to HTTPS
  1337. Active Directory: How to Disable Account
  1338. Linux Swapfile
  1339. Reset Internet Explorer Settings Script
  1340. ipToHostname
  1341. 1-Liner to Find Host of Virtual Machine in Hyper-V
  1342. PowerShell: Create New Hybrid On Prem Active Directory User with Office 365 Integration
  1343. Linux: How To Repair Corrupted Zip File
  1344. How to Add Network Printers
  1345. PowerShell: Stream Reader
  1346. Windows: Disable Low Disk Space Warning
  1347. PowerShell: Search for Failed Logins on Primary Domain Controller
  1348. PowerShell: Rename Photo and Video Files by Adding Creation Dates
  1349. PowerShell: Set Enhanced Protected Mode of Internet Explorer
  1350. PowerShell: Hyper-V Management
  1351. Linux: Reclaim Disk Space by Performing System Cleanups
  1352. JavaScript: How to Extract Text From Contents of an External Web Page
  1353. How to Transfer Files Via SSH or WinRM
  1354. Sample Port Mappy in the Year of 66203545 A.D.
  1355. Windows Server: Fibre Channel HBA Administration
  1356. CentOS 5.1 Server Setup Notes
  1357. Linux: How to Find USB Thumb Drive via CLI
  1358. Linux: How to Change Hostname
  1359. PowerShell: Function to Confirm Certain Contents
  1360. Microsoft SQL: Shrink vs Truncate
  1361. Solar Panel Consideration
  1362. LAMPP: Change Apache Listening Port
  1363. PowerShell: Renaming a System File
  1364. User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
  1365. PowerShell: Use Regex to Select IPv4 Patterns
  1366. HAProxy on CentOS 7
  1367. How To Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 20.04 Server
  1368. Increase memory allowance for WMI
  1369. Windows-clean-up.cmd
  1370. Kubernetes Overview
  1371. VMware Virtual Disk Manager Does Not Expand Partitions
  1372. How to set VNC shortcut to run as another user
  1373. SQL: Creating a Storage Report of Databases Residing within Server
  1374. Install Files within the NewPCSetupFiles Template Directory
  1375. Install vCenter
  1376. SQL Server Overview
  1377. PowerShell: Check RPC Reachability of Remote Computer
  1378. Exchange 2010: How to Increase Mailbox Quota for Individual Users
  1379. Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Black Screen Problem
  1380. PowerShell: Windows Performance Benchmarking
  1381. Script to Backup Exchange Server
  1382. Moving WSUS Content Staging Folder
  1383. Recovering Hard Drive Corrupted Files
  1384. Open VPN Client Configuration Fix
  1385. Linux Networking: Manual Configurations
  1386. Ubuntu: Adding and Remove Repositories (Repos)
  1387. Basic CSS: Use Clockwise Notation to Specify the Margin of an Element
  1388. Basic CSS: Use an id Attribute to Style an Element
  1389. How to Install OpenDNS Client on Ubuntu
  1390. How to Discover Active Ports on a Windows Machine
  1391. Procedure to Recreate a Microsoft Clustered Role
  1392. Set Windows Remote Desktop To Allow Blank Passwords
  1393. How to remove a “No mapping between account names and security IDs was done” error
  1394. Restore User Script
  1395. PowerShell: Set DNS Servers on Localhost
  1396. Ubuntu 18.04: Network Configuration Utility
  1397. PowerShell: Install PSTools
  1398. Basic CSS: Add Borders Around Your Elements
  1399. Microsoft SQL: Force ReportServer database out of being stuck in recovery mode
  1400. MBR & GPT Disk Partitioning Comparisons
  1401. Current List of Secure Browsers
  1402. match
  1403. How to configure Ubiquiti EdgeRouter to send logs to a Syslog Server
  1404. CA eTRust Threat Management
  1405. Linux: Check CPU Utilization
  1406. Veritas Backup Exec Account Setup to Authenticate Domain Controllers
  1407. PowerShell: Copy SMB Share Permissions from Legacy Sources
  1408. MySQL on Localhost
  1409. PowerShell: Recover Deleted Active Directory Objects
  1410. CSS: How To Set Color Gradient and Animation to Text and Background
  1411. Sendmail Batch File
  1412. Magicall Jelly Bean & Belarc Advisor Key Finders
  1413. Moving a Domain Controller to a Different Geographical Location
  1414. PowerShell: Automating Microsoft Failover Cluster Maintenance – FileServer, SQL AlwaysOn, Hyper-V Guest VMs, Disks Operations
  1415. Exchange Server Decommisioning
  1416. Basic CSS: Import a Google Font
  1417. Windows: Enable Remote Access
  1418. Applying Quarterly Updates to MapMarker and TomTom Points
  1419. PowerShell: Connect to Office 365 Exchange Online
  1420. ADFS Configurations
  1421. Office 365 Active Directory Hybrid Accounts Administration
  1422. Linux: GREP Training
  1423. How to Install Internet Explorer on Ubuntu 20.04
  1424. Microsoft Dynamics 365: System Administrator Profile Corruption Problem
  1425. Bash Shell: Rename Files – Prepend and Append
  1426. RSA SecureID Authentication
  1427. PowerShell: Create and Delete VSS Snapshots
  1428. Basic JavaScript: Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays With Indexes
  1429. DNS Bypass
  1430. How To Upgrade NextCloud 22.1.1 to 22.2.0 When Deployed with Kubernetes & Helm
  1431. Hyper-V Set CompatibilityForMigrationEnabled
  1432. PowerShell: Set Virtual Machine Default Paths on Hyper-V Host of a Cluster
  1433. Baseline Server Image
  1434. Windows Cleanup
  1435. Experimental selinux Settings
  1436. Basic CSS: Use RGB to Mix Colors
  1437. Script to Rename Computers in Active Directory
  1438. How to change product ID and install new CD Key for Windows
  1439. WordPress: Gold Price Widget CSS
  1440. Hyper-V: Cloning a Virtual Machine
  1441. How to Repair Windows Using CD or USB flash drive
  1442. PowerShell: Windows Automated Disk Cleanup
  1443. PowerShell: Update Remote Windows
  1444. Regular Expression (RegEx) Overview
  1445. Disable Screensaver on CentOS 8
  1446. Manually Dealing with Windows Updates
  1447. Windows Server Power Settings
  1448. Yum commands to update server
  1449. How to Install SSL Certificate(s) on Various Web Servers
  1450. PowerShell: Grant Domain Admins Access to Directories
  1451. Windows Domain Controller restore Procedure
  1452. Enable Serial over Ethernet
  1453. Manual Compile of NGINX on CentOS 7
  1454. PowerShell: 1-Liner to Install Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10
  1455. PowerShell: Get NIC MTU’s of All Hyper-V Hosts in Domain/Forest
  1456. Docker DRUPAL Container
  1457. PowerShell: Dealing with Service Principle Names (SPNs)
  1458. MS SQL: Archive and Shrink Database
  1459. How to Run OpenMediaVault with Pass-through Disks in VMWare ESXi
  1460. How to Install OpenVPN on Centos 5
  1461. PowerShell: Create SMB Share and Grant NTFS Access
  1462. Hyper-V Logon Failure: the user has no been granted the requested logon type at this computer (0x80070569)
  1463. Tasks to Perform After Windows 10 Upgrade
  1464. How to Implement Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) on Windows
  1465. Updating SSL Certificates on Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Server
  1466. Hyper-V Administration Console
  1467. Installing VMWare tools
  1468. PowerShell Script to Read/Parse XML Files in a Directory
  1469. CentOS & Redhat Linux VS Exfat
  1470. VMWare & AWS Integration
  1471. How to convert Windows evaluation to a licensed version
  1472. How to Set Default UTF-8 encoding for New Notepad Documents When Saving File
  1473. Weird RDP Error
  1474. RJ45 Ethernet & RJ11 Telephone Cables
  1475. JavaScript: Wikipedia Viewer
  1476. PowerShell: Send Private Message to Another Computer
  1477. T-SQL Msg 3101 Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use
  1478. How to Install Secured Shell SSH on Windows
  1479. Kubernetes – Pausing Applications by Scaling Deployments or Stateful Sets
  1480. PowerShell: Enable ISE
  1481. JavaScript: Build a Tic Tac Toe Game (without AI)
  1482. On Premise Exchange to Office 365 Migration Using Method: Asynchronous PST Export & Import
  1483. Batch File to Copy Files Containing Agents’ Names
  1484. Penetration Testing of Active Directory
  1485. HAProxy with Multiple SSL Certs
  1486. PowerShell: Initiate Tests on Certain Ports